Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving surprise

Lot's to catch up on after the long Thanksgiving weekend. It started out with a wonderful surprise visit by DD and her BF! They showed up late Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday morning. It was such a great surprise and we all had a great time.

I always buy a big enough turkey so we have lots of leftovers, so that wasn't an issue with originally just thinking it was me and DH eating dinner. The turkey turned out great, so juicy. After dinner we watched the "movie" DD had sent me several weeks ago. It was actually a mini-series of about 7 hours, called 11.22.63, based on a Stephen King book. We all enjoyed it and watched all of it until late that evening.

Friday, DD, BF, and I headed into the city to do some Black Friday shopping.  Easy peasy. Not much crowds - or at least compared to how it would have been where I lived before. DD and BF bought a washer and drying for their new house (BF has a pickup with a canopy). I had a 10% off coupon to Lowes (received in a moving packet from USPS), plus they saved almost 10% in sales tax. We did some other shopping around a few stores. I was picking up a prescription at Target and chatting with the pharmacy assistant. She noticed my old address was in system and asked if I was visiting. I told her we just moved a bit ago and turns out she was from near where I used to live. Then mentioned the town she grew up in and I said that we spent quite a bit of time there at the racetrack. Turns out she knew a family we used to race with. Small world, for sure. On the way back home we stopped in this small town about halfway that has a sign on the freeway for a used bookstore. I'd been wanting to check it out. It was so adorable. In this old narrow house. Bookshelves to the tall ceilings. DD bought a few old vintage books, just for decoration. One was a book of poems by Tennyson, actually published in 1899!

Saturday we took a drive, in search of snow. We didn't have to go too far, really. Got off the main road just over a pass and onto a logging road that DH used to frequent growing up. Very pretty!
We packed a lunch, so on the way back stopped at a visitors center and looked inside (mostly we had to use the bathroom!), then ate our sandwiches as we drove back. The dogs LOVED being out there.

The kids left pretty early Sunday morning, hoping to miss some of the holiday traffic, especially going over the pass. I guess they timed it right, because it wasn't bad at all and they made pretty good time getting back home.

DH sold the big 53' trailer this morning......or rather he traded it for a small dump type trailer you can pull behind a pick up. Figures he'll use it quite a bit when we start working on getting the property ready to build/landscape. Oh well, the money back would have been nice, but this will save money too, rather than having to hire someone to haul various loads in. He will want topsoil this spring for this house, to fix our lawn and add more grass, so he can go pick it up himself now. At least the big trailer is gone! I can now look out my window at my desk and see stuff. The grade school is down on the corner of next street and I can see the playground and all the kiddos outside playing and the mountains behind them. Those swings are busy :)

DH left this morning for his road trip to return his friends small cargo trailer he borrowed in our move. - going all the way to Texas (because friend moved there early this year). He'll be gone at least a week or more (so he says). Me? I'm going to enjoy hanging out by myself for awhile :)  Catch up on some tv shows, read some more books, just really relax. If weather permits, I will go into the city next weekend sometime, and try to get some Christmas shopping done.


  1. I am glad you had a nice Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Now, it is time to relax and enjoy your well deserved "me time"!

  2. It's all coming together. Well deserved for sure.
    Enjoy your time alone. When my husband has to be out
    of town, I try to just chill and spoil myself. Maybe a
    little shopping just for me. But, it's always nice to have him back.: )
    Just when you get use to being alone he will return.
    Take care,

    1. I know, I'm trying to really savour the time :) I'd love to go into the city and do some xmas shopping this weekend, but will have to wait and see how the weather is. It's a bit of a drive if it's snowing and I'm not a snow driver yet.