Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mid week this and that

Is it really Wednesday already? The days seem to be just flying by. It's getting colder. We had like 3 flakes of snow today, LOL. They are predicting some this evening, but the weather report seems to change by the minute around here.

I was going to go into the city this weekend and get all my Thanksgiving food, but I'm going to get it all here at the town grocery store. I got the weekly ad and everything Thanksgiving food is on sale. I stopped in today, after I went to the Post Office, to pick up milk and a couple of things and also picked up a Butterball frozen turkey. That's when I decided I'll just save the trip to the city and get my holiday dinner stuff this weekend. What little I might spend extra I will save in gas, so it probably all evens out this time.

I use Progressive for my car insurance and when I had to get a new policy for moving to a new state they also offered me to do the snapshot device again. I said I already did that, but apparently with a new state it's basically all new rating, so might as well do it again. They aren't going to get much activity on it - haha! I hardly drive much anymore and most times when I do it's one mile into town and back. Don't go over 25 mph LOL

DH is going to Texas after Thanksgiving. Take his friends little cargo trailer down to him and visit with him a bit. Last night he tried to talk me into going. Ehhhh, no thanks. We'd have to take the dogs and the thought of 4 days (2 days there and 2 days back) riding in a pick up doesn't sound good at all. Besides, I was really looking forward to some me alone time - well, me and the dogs).

Well, not much else going on today. I have some bananas I bought to get ripe so I could make banana bread this week and they are ripe now, so I think I'll go get that done now that I'm done working for the day.


  1. Those weekends alone are kind of a gift, aren't they? If your local town is running deals, sometimes it just makes sense to save time.

  2. Yeah I would take four days by myself over four days in a car.

  3. I drive little and putter along. Keep that 4 days for yourself.

  4. 4 days "me time" is good. Enjoy your time and relax. Last few months have been hectic and tiresome for you. This is a well earned break!

  5. Thanks all - I totally agree! plus he will probably be gone like 5-6 days. It'll take him almost 2 days of driving each way, plus he wants to spend a couple days visiting with his friend :)