Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This that and the other

The realtor emailed me the photo's yesterday. They turned out really nice (of course the editing helps haha!). I was at work and opened the first one, which was of our living room, and was like "wow! that's my house?" haha! Then my boss looked at a few of them with me and wanted to see our yard pictures. She was like "omg - that is amazing!". So, ya, pretty proud of our yard :)  Too bad they couldn't edit out our junkyard neighbor! Grrr....  oh speaking of the neighbors - there was an arrest made last week at the renters house - a felon with warrants was there and 4 cop cars came, found him and arrested him. Supposedly (and I say this ever so lightly) slumlandord is using that to get rid of the renters. He told DH early this week that he was just waiting for their rent check at the end of the month and then he was giving them 3 days notice to vacate. Said he talked to his attorney who said he can use that they were harboring a fugitive to kick them out with 3 days notice. We'll see. Like I said, not holding my breathe at all, but if they do move out we'll happily wave goodbye and good riddance to them.

Yesterday my boss told me she told the company owner (our upper management folks are also small part owners of the company, so she has a lot of weight in the decisions she makes) that she had given me the ok to work 100% remote, as I was moving out of state. She hoped he was ok with that and he said "I'm totally ok with it - she is amazing........and tell her I'm jealous". That sure made me feel good to hear that.  We are on track with our sales goal, so if we can keep it up 2 more months, we will have our mid year bonus payout in June.

We had a massage therapist as a treat at work yesterday. I haven't had a massage in years and that little 10-15 minute chair massage felt amazing. This morning I had a chiropractor appointment, so I'm feeling pretty well adjusted now.

This coming Saturday is my girls night with my 4 best high school friends. We are staying at a nice hotel/lodge about a 40 minute drive from my house. I'm so looking forward to it and we've been planning it for months. It kind of stinks that it will cost $20 to park there for the night though! Geez - you'd think for the price we are paying for the 2 rooms, they'd include parking.  Oh well, I'm just glad I can afford it and it's not a hardship on my budget to finally give myself a little treat. Anytime prior to several years ago, this would have been a real stretch for me and I probably wouldn't have even been able to do it. Plus, I got that $150 cash bonus at work a few weeks ago, so that's what I'm putting it toward.

There are no other major expenses we should have to put towards our house, other than it looks like we might have to get a lawyer to get rid of this lien that didn't get taken care of during our bankruptcy. Bank of America at first acted like no, problem, we'll remove this. We show it written off with the bankruptcy. We keep following up with them about every 5-7 days and now are just getting the run around. Referring us to another collection agency, that again says they aren't pursuing it because of the bankruptcy, but they aren't the ones who put the lien on, BofA did, and BofA has to be the one to remove it. Our realtor said she knows of a good property attorney, so might have to pay to have that done. I have no desire to give our bankruptcy attorney (who should have taken care of this in the first place) any more of my money, to have her take care of it. Talking with her again, a couple of weeks ago, reminded me of how much I disliked her.  It will get resolved one way or the other, just a pain dealing with it and getting the run around.

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