Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I really don't want to get old

I finished up my mom's tax return in about 15-20 minutes. Then I had to call her up to get her bank routing and account number so she could get her small return direct deposited. I knew she would not want to give me that info via email. Oh my goodness! I think it took her longer to figure out what her account number (that she's probably had for like 40 or more years!) than it took me to do the whole return. She wasn't even sure what it was by looking at her bank statement. Then I tried "what number do you always write on the back of checks when you deposit them?" Then I realized that the info was on the copy of her last years return and I could have just gotten if off there, LOL. I told my DD....see what you have to look forward to when I am old? ;)  I'll probably be worse, haha!

No call from that home builder yet, so we are still in limbo. He said he was waiting on some estimates, but apparently he's still waiting. I'd just like to get the info, so we can make some decisions and get an offer made on the land.  My mom's boyfriend (in his early 80's) just moved into an assisted living place and his beautiful home was listed yesterday - for a cool $500k. It'll probably sell fast, just like everything in the area is lately. A lady I am friends with on facebook just listed her home and in 4 days had an offer more than their listing price.  Let's hope, even with our situation, we can sell in a reasonable amount of time.

I totally forgot that my cousin's son was getting married (out of state) last weekend. I got the invitation quite awhile ago and set it aside (somewhere in a pile of papers) so I'd remember to send a gift as it got closer to the date. Oh well....too much on my mind lately, I guess. I got something ordered from one of their gift registries list yesterday, and it was through Amazon and free 2 day shipping, so they'll have it by the time they return from their honeymoon. Better a few days late than not at all.

DD has been busy getting her last quarter of school started and getting her graduation announcements. She doesn't really need that many and designed her own online (with a nice photo her BF took of her on campus last weekend) for less than half what it would have cost to order through the college. Graduation Day will be here before we know it. She's started applying for jobs but no real nibbles on her resume yet, other than possibly one company who did at least email her back and told her to check back with them the first of June. The guy said he just hired a winter quarter graduate and he himself went to her college, so maybe she will stand out to him if another opening comes up. I told her to ask him if she could stop by for a few minutes sometime and introduce herself. Put a face/personality with the resume.

I just finished my work day. It's still a bit of time before I'll need to get dinner started. I'm feeling a nap coming on.

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