Saturday, April 2, 2016

Busy bees

oooh, what a busy day getting stuff done. I am so pooped! We started out by removing the flickering ballast in one of our kitchen lights, so I could take it to store and find a replacement. We also took down our range hood. It's almond color and we never bought a stainless steel one to match the stove (and other appliances). A new one would have been about $100. Instead we decided to try a $5 can of stainless steel finish spray paint and see how it turned out! I'm ok with it!

While I was out at just about every store trying to find the dang spray paint, DH replaced the ballast and no more annoying flickering fluorescent light. I finally found the paint at Lowes and he fairly quickly got that painted.  He tried to fix the squeaky living room floor but not much luck with that. I went online and found they actually make a special screw kit just for that at Lowes for $20 bucks, so we'll have to give that a try.

Other than painting our bedroom (and DD is coming to help me with that next Saturday) the only other project (and the biggest one) is to fix the floor in front of our family room french doors. I think DH is just going to take out part of the carpet in front of the doors and put a little entryway of laminate. We had some leaking from our french doors several years back and it made the floor near the doorway a bit soft underneath.

I was way too tired to make dinner, as we didn't even get done with everything until 5pm, so I ordered pizza. Turns out the delivery driver lives right on the other side of the fence from the main road that comes back into our neighborhood. He said we sure do have a nice place back here. He was also happy to see the foreclosed house getting all fixed up. What a nice man, but it always kind of makes me sad to see people that should be retired and relaxing having to work.....and these stupid young adults down the street can't do a dang thing with their lives.

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