Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Old issue still haunting us

What a hectic day. I had decided to work from home today because we were having another realtor come over to give us an estimate on our home value and to see if we liked her better than the first one. I had called back the original realtor we spoke with (and did like) last Fall to let her know we would be ready to list in 2 weeks, that we needed the next couple of weekends to finish the things we were fixing. Then she's trying to push me to have photo's done next Wed and listing to start the next day. I said well, we'll try to get it all done this weekend, if not I'll let you know next Monday we need to push it out another week She was "well, you don't want to wait any longer, the market can change overnight" blah blah.  Oh good grief - like 5 days is really going to make that much of a difference in what our listing price will be! She just rubbed me wrong. It's more like she just wants to price it as low as possible to sell as quickly as possible.

So, yesterday I set up for 2 other realtors to come. One today and one Thursday. When we had filed our bankruptcy I had to get 3 realtor's comps (we didn't tell them it was for bankruptcy, just that we were thinking of selling) and the high and low of the 3 were like $100,000 apart, something crazy like that. I recall it was a huge number and I remember thinking how could they be so far apart. So, I think it would be good to get some other opinions, as well as maybe someone we feel more of a connection with.

Then the first realtor calls me this morning. She had a few questions and also - did we know there was a lien on our property from 2010? Umm....no we didn't. We filed our Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2010, everything should have been discharged then.  So, she gives me the name and phone number of the lady at the title company. She gives me the lien info and emails me a copy of the court document (which says absolutely nothing about it being a lien on our real estate property - just says we owe Bank of America the money). I called our bankruptcy attorney - who was just as unhelpful as she was when we filed. She said it would be our problem if we didn't tell her about the lien (we didn't know about it!) and if the bank filed it before we filed for bankruptcy then we would still be liable for it. I checked on the dates and the bank filed it in April, while we filed in Sept of the same year. I remember that during April we were still waiting on our dang attorney to file - we had gotten her everything, she just kept putting it off, month after month. So, in April of that year we had already started working with her (actually started in November the previous year) and if I had gotten that in the mail or served, I would have sent her the copy of it. Now that I think about it I remember contacting her that we got this from BofA and what to do with it (though we didn't realize it was a lien). We definitely did include this debt on our bankruptcy listing, just didn't know it had gone to a lien.

So, DH calls up the attorney that is on the court document, that filed for the bank. They told him they are not trying to collect on it - they show it written off with bankruptcy. So then DH called Bank of America. Talks to a couple different people, who also say they show it was written off with the bankruptcy. So, no one ever removed the lien. Finally, he ended up with the legal department and that guy also confirmed it was written off with our bankruptcy, so he just needs a few days to get the authorization to file the release of the lien.  Let's hope that's all it take and this is fixed quickly! DH did awesome. He stayed totally calm, when I was about to flip out and took care of all those phone calls where he kept having to repeat the situation each new person he talked to.

While we are dealing with all that realtor #2 comes for her appointment. What a snooty lady! I mean, I know we live in a manufactured house, but geez! It's nice and well taken care of. The acre and a quarter looks like a park. It has a really nice 3 car garage/shop. She couldn't get out of here fast enough, LOL. Oh well, hopefully the lady coming Thursday is better. In the past we probably would have just put up with realtor #1, but we are tired of being taken advantage of. The realtor is working for us - we are the one's paying the realtor. I'm going to try not to settle for someone who is "just ok".

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