Sunday, January 31, 2016

Let's talk about the real problem!

Just had a long phone conversation with the woman who owns the property kitty corner behind us (next to drug dealing house). She is also the sister of the dad at the drug dealing house. She lives on the other side of the drug dealing house (with her mom). Clear as mud?!

Here's a drawing to show you who is where:

The "rental" owned by Aunt has 3 big dogs that are outside 95% of the time. They bark ALL the time. They bark ALL the time because there are drug addicts and homeless around ALL the time. DH talked with aunt about it a week or so ago. She said she would talk to the renter. Now again, for past 3 days it's been non-stop barking. Because it's been non stop drug dealing since Thursday night.

So, I called Aunt up and left a message with her mom (mom is the 83 year old lady who owns our water well) to ask her to please call me. She called back about an hour later. I was nice as can be with her. I said we don't have a problem that C has a dog(s). She should have a watch dog and it should bark when someone is out there. So, I said, let's talk about the reason WHY those dogs are having to bark 24/7. (BTW, it used to be 2 dogs (a doberman and a rottweiler) and now's she's added a third big dog.). They bark because of all the drug addicts coming to your brother's house to buy drugs. I said do you or you mom have any suggestions on what we, in this neighborhood, can do to stop them dealing drugs 24/7 from their house?
She said they don't see it all going on because of the trees and fence between them and drug house and also because they all come in to the corner of the house nearest our side. I said it is ALL the time. I said it's been so bad the past 2 years now and that we knew her nephews dealt some drugs for several years before that but it was nothing like it is now. She said years ago it used to be just pot but now it's heroin and meth and her nephews are addicts, and I said yep and it has destroyed our neighborhood. She agreed.

Anyhow, I was proud of myself that I was very calm and nice, but I wanted her and her mom to know we are sick of this in OUR neighborhood and it's their neighborhood too. I'm tired of talking to her every so often (either about the water well or her renters dogs), but never mentioning her druggie family next door.

She says she didn't realize it's as bad as it is. She said she did drive from her house to her rental house the other day and saw the lowlife out there waiting to buy their drugs. I said they are out there ALL the time.  She knows they have literally ruined the neighborhood. She says she has tried to talk to her brother and sister in law before and they just say "we try to run them off when they come and blame it on the 2 (adult) sons". I said that is not happening at all. As we talked on the phone for about 15 minutes, each time someone walked up to the back porch or drove in, I commented and told her. She was just like "oh my god. I am so sorry". She doesn't know what to do.  Apparently she has another sister now living with her and her mom and said this sister has actually called the cops on her nephews dealing drugs (and it made her mom mad). She doesn't know what to do.

And the lady living in her trailer isn't really a "renter" She said she and C bought the property together years ago, but it is just in Aunt's name and she pays the taxes on it. "So, I can't really evict her". She said she did talk to her and told her she's just going to have to start bringing the dogs inside when they start in on the barking. I said, well, she might have the first few days after DH talked to you about it, but they have been out there barking now since Friday.

She doesn't know what to do about them dealing drugs. She just kept apologizing. I said, well, just so you know, the cops are working on this and the prosecutor has assured us that the next time this house is busted the parents are getting arrested too and that is the thing I am hoping most for, because that will stop it for sure.  She said she knew they had been told they will get arrested next time too.

So, nothing really got accomplished, as far as drug dealing goes, but she said she would talk to C again about the dogs barking and keeping them inside more. She also has to clean up a huge pile of garbage outside C's place. The county had apparently given her a 30 day extension (that county is just so nice to all these trashy people!) but she said she'll have it out of there this week. about not throwing garbage outside in the first place?

As I sit here and pound my head on my desk..................


  1. If either one of your kids or you got hurt by your funky neighbors, what would be your reaction? I want you to seriously think about that answer.
    I've read your blog several times throughout the past few months and if I were you, in the same exact situation, I'd be long gone. Whatever excuse was just going to pop out of your mouth now, would mean nothing if one of your children was seriously hurt, injured or if you were killed.
    See what I mean?
    Whatever you have to do to get yourself out of the situation you are living in, you should do immediately! If you own your home, rent it out. if you can't sell it. Or maybe you can walk away. Doesn't matter. Get out!
    Even if you can only afford a studio apartment, get your kids out of this environment! It's not good for them and it certainly isn't good for you. I know you've got some money somewhere. If not, use credit! Borrow. But get out!
    Your neighborhood sounds like a nightmare. And perhaps moments away from a big disaster. Cut the crap. Get out!
    (sorry for my two cents. I know I'm ranting. I'm sure you are doing your best. But you should seriously just forget it and move away. The environment is clearly not good for your precious children.)

    1. Thanks for commenting. My kids are grown and out of the house now,otherwise I'm sure we'd be handling this differently. Just me and DH. We are making plans to sell, but we are not just giving the equity we have in it away. That is all we have, aside from my 401k. We have made too many stupid decisions with money and I am so done doing that. The money in this house is all we have for a future house and I'm not walking away from that. There is no way I would rent this out - we would just end up with as much, if not more, headaches than we already have with this place. We have a big shop (filled with DH's tools, equipment, etc) and that is not going into an apartment or even a rental place. We will sell this place (hopefully this year, if all goes right) but we are not leaving without a damn good fight. They might still be selling drugs, but their lives are being aggravated too, especially recently, as the sheriff has been putting a tighter squeeze on and showing more of a presence around here. One of them is in jail right now and the police and prosecutor keeps assuring us that this is all being worked on. It's not going to happen tonight, but I'm pretty sure the police want it gone as much as we do - they are sick of hearing from us on a regular basis and want to resolve it.
      We do not have credit to borrow (we had bankruptcy is 2010) our way of of this, but should be able to get a mortgage when we sell this and find something new. I plan (need) to have enough out of this place and our savings to put 20% down on a 15 yr mtg. I am just done borrowing and getting in the hole and owing money. It is not happening ever again in my life.
      DH and our other good neighbor are armed and pay attention. We are fenced in and have security systems and good watch dogs. These lowlife's know all of this. They know cameras are pointed everywhere. I'm not really afraid, we are just beyond annoyed at all the traffic and lowlifes this has brought to our little private road neighborhood and we're just not going to ignore it. If we are stuck here until we can move, then we aren't going to do it quietly!

    2. I will keep you guys in my daily prayers. I didn't know your children were grown up. I just read the 'mom to two' and assumed.
      Please take care of yourselves. I am very worried about your safety. I only wish you the best and I do hope things work out for you guys. Hang in there! You are so very brave.
      Again, I will keep you in my daily prayers.

    3. Thank you Cindi! When I started this blog back in 2010 both my kids were still at home (then 14 and 18). Time flies. I guess I should change my info to be more updated :) I appreciate your prayers very much!

  2. Oh OneFamily, I simply don't know how you do it. My recent brush with bad people has given me a new and healthy respect for what you're living with, and it truly scares me more than ever. I really worry about you being able to find a buyer with this stuff going on around you, but fingers and toes crossed it improves before that time comes. Keep fighting the good fight; it's about all you can do with the limited help and cooperation you are getting from local law enforcement and the neighbors around you.

  3. Geez, I'd have an ulcer by now if I had to live there. 8-(
    Yeah, not helpful but it's the best I can do right now.
    I just hope things are better there when you do get around to trying to sell and move.

  4. On a "good" note, 2 deputies were out here again last evening. DH talked to them for a few minutes. One said "I can't tell you what it said, but the whole dept got an email today just about this problem. All I can say is the snowball is picking up speed" and the other deputy said he doesn't normally work this area but had gotten a message from his sergeant to work this area last night. Let's hope.

  5. When are you moving??? I hope soon! How are you going to warn the new buyers!?! Maybe drug lord will buy it!
    Get out of there!

    1. it will probably be at least summer before we could list it, and that's if the market has gone up some (it was supposed to 8% this year in our area) from last October's comps given to us. If that happens, plus what we are paying down a month, we should be in a position to get what we need out of it for a 20% down payment (and money for moving costs)on a new place. We talked to the realtor about the neighborhood: she says we do not have to disclose it. It's the buyers responsibility to research crime, etc. Doesn't seem quite right, but we will be doing OUR research to wherever we move.

  6. I think the neighborhood should speak for its self but could make it hard to sell :/(