Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday afternoon

I received a few gift cards for Christmas - all to Kohl's! So, I have enough for a little mini shopping spree of $110. Then I got a coupon in the mail for $10 off any purchase, to add to the spree. I'm not sure what to get. I kind of think I might save it......if I end up having to look for a job when we finally get to move, I will definitely need some interview type clothes! I've been wearing jeans to work for over 10 years now. I don't even have any dress clothes that would be suitable. What I did have from years ago I got rid of because I am not that tiny size 2 any more.

I also have been really wanting this certain vacuum (a Hoover cordless) and Kohl's sells it, too. But it's like $400 and even if I wait for a 30% off coupon, it will still be about $170 (plus tax) out of my pocket. It appears there are 2 models of this vacuum. Target and Walmart sell it for $200 and other stores for $400 and the model #'s are different, but the descriptions seem exactly the same.  Not sure what the real difference is. I might even call Hoover and ask!

I didn't have much luck on my errands today.

I picked up a new keyboard at Staples.  The keys are somewhat quieter....except the space bar! It's really noisy. How stupid is that. I think I will probably take it back and try to find another one. The box says this one is supposed to be "whisper quiet". Not even close.

I stopped and waited in line at the bank for 10 minutes (and had to listen to some noisy obnoxious kids sitting in the lobby waiting for their parents) so I could order DH his own debit card and was told he has to be the one to call or come in and order it.  How dumb. It's my account (well, both of ours) and I should be able to order him a stupid debit card.

Then at Target I tried to find a 9x12 picture frame. Apparently not a standard size, so now I'm going to have to order one. It's a cute picture of a rooster that came with my nice Lang calendar DD got me for Christmas and I wanted to frame it. Why can't they just make the picture in a standard size, then? Plus, now after looking online I have my heart set on a rustic barnwood type frame and of course they are like $30.

DH went to visit a friend this afternoon. Yay! This is the friend that he and his wife are also packing up and getting out of this overcrowded and way too liberal area. I think they are leaving sometime soon, it sounds like.  They have been friends since DH was 17. Gonna be hard to say goodbye.

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