Saturday, January 2, 2016

2 days left of vacation

Not a whole lot has been getting done the past 2 days. We seemed to have lost our steam and my back still is bothering me from the day of painting. Grrrr.... Yesterday I went and got the grocery shopping done. It was a nice day to do it - pretty much no one was out and about (and I waited until 11am to even leave the house) and even the donut case at Walmart bakery was full. I rarely ever get to pick us up a maple bar, even when I am there at 9am. I only spent $85.  Not sure how I managed to do that and $12 of that was a big jug of laundry detergent and about $10 was some mineral spirits and goo gone.

When I got home a car was parked in our driveway. Turns out it was our county councilman here with 3 other people. One guy was a council member assistant (for another council member, I think), one worked at a rehab place and the other was his sister. They wanted to see first hand what it is like here. So, DH walked them back down to the corner of our property and sure enough, the druggies didn't disappoint. They had stood there 30 seconds when one walked up to the back door and them promptly turned around and started walking away (obviously someone inside knew they were being watched). A few seconds later someone, from behind the big shop at slumlanlords place next door, starts yelling and cussing them out about watching the place. One of the county people said "why are "they" upset? we're not looking at their place?" and DH said........exactly! why should they be upset if they supposedly aren't involved? Which just showed that we are surrounded by either the drug house(s) or neighbors who are involved with them in some way.  Then one of the renter's (from our street) son's came walking in. DH said it was almost like he tripped on an invisible wire and then did this little dance and twirl around. The councilman was like "what is he doing?" and the rehab lady said "welcome to meth". I don't think there were probably any other county or state politicians out on their day off trying to help their community like that.

The last few times we have called the sheriff to come out here, they have been really quick to get here. Not sure what is going on with that, but it's nice. When I called last month for the big fight in front of our house, they were here in like 15 minutes. DH called the other night and 3 cars showed up in 6 minutes (but of course just missed the one's who had been running the drugs in and out the previous 36 hours). One deputy described it so well:  living here must be like living in the movie Groundhog Day.  Yep! that's it exactly. One of the guys from the other nearby neighborhood had his car broken into on New Year's Eve.

I did spend a good half hour trying to get an old sticker off of a bedroom door. DS stuck it on there as a kid and I never tried to get it all off. It was a long process, even with goo-gone, but I finally got it all off. Then I started on a dresser of DD's....that she stuck 3 stickers on when she was little! Remember those little picture stickers that would come in their school picture packets? Ya, around first grade she was sticking them everywhere, LOL. I scrape and scrape and only tiny little pieces come off at a time. I'm still working on that one.  You'd think the goo-gone stuff would just soften it right up to come off, but nope.

It's been sunny and a bit below freezing all week, but I like that better than rain and having to wipe wet paws all day.  Today I need to run over to Target and pick up my refills on the acid reflux and cholesterol medications. The acid reflux med is really working great, so I am really happy about that.
I received a $10 off $10 Staples coupon in the mail. I have been wanting a new keyboard that is quieter to type than this one (it especially seems to echo all the click and clacks in this office bedroom). Hopefully I can find something that doesn't cost too much and is quieter. It's right next to Target, so I will swing in there today, too.

We didn't do anything New Year's Eve. It's really never been a big deal day to me. I fixed a nice dinner of steak and baked potatoes and we had some banana cream pie (I picked up from the store) for dessert. I was in bed by 10:30. The clock is going to keep on ticking past midnight whether I am up to watch it or not.

DD and BF come home on Monday, so I am going to work from home and take a mid morning break to go pick them up from the airport. Then she will leave the next day to go back to school, as her classes start Wednesday. At least we'll get some time to hear about her trip and see all her pictures before she goes to school.

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