Saturday, January 16, 2016


All this looking at houses online the past couple of months has really put me in a decorating mood. Ever since we got our new coffee table about a year ago, I have wanted something for the top of it.  I stopped at Ross today on my way to fill up my car with gas.  I found this "bowl" in one aisle and a bag of "stuff" in another. $16 later, here is what I have on my coffee table now.   Kinda cute.

And I always take a look at their garden stuff and found this adorable owl. I got him too :)

I've been getting the dining room prepped for painting tomorrow. We have a built in china hutch that I have some big fake plants up on top. Let me just say that up there was Dustville, USA. Ewwww! On top of my other china cabinet, kind of hidden (along with a bunch of other dust), was this little teapot (I collect teapots) with guess what?....a rooster on it! Forgot I even had it.  I decided it needed to be displayed somewhere I can see it, so I put my pens near the kitchen phone in it.

We have got to get the kitchen walls re-done! They're the only walls in the house(besides the laundry room, but those walls are a plain tan color, so not so ugly) that are still the ugly old "mobile" home wallpaper. I HATE it. I'm sure it would also help sell our home better, if we got that updated.


  1. those dust bunnies hide everywhere don't they!!

  2. That's a pretty tea pot. I have a few but kept dropping the lids, so I filled the prettiest with fake flowers and display them in various places. I have a lovely one by the front door. And you sure have more energy then me at the moment to be painting. Now you're making me feel guilt. But good for you. Anna

    1. I really don't have the energy. Just forcing myself to do it because it's a 3 day weekend and I can rest tomorrow! But I'll survive and when it's all painted fresh, even if my neck and back are killing me, my heart will be happy :) That's a good idea about putting some flowers in the teapots.