Thursday, January 21, 2016

A reprieve

Not to jinx it, but it has been quite a bit quieter in our neighborhood the past 1-2 weeks. The renters on our street have just about become "normal" people. After DH confronted their little drug runner (the same one that his mom came and confiscated his pickup, then gave it back to him, then it disappeared again and he showed up in his girlfriends car) New Year's Eve night, he (and his GF) haven't been seen since.  There has been very little traffic in and out. Just the dad going to and from work, for the most part.

The drug house behind us has slowed down quite a bit too. Not completely, but not near the non-stop traffic it was. It gets busy for a short time and then goes dead quiet for awhile. Not normal activity, compared to the last 2 years. They have also shifted their sales from the bedroom window to the back door. Still all completely visible to us. Most likely that is a door into a laundry room (as most all doublewide mobile homes are) and it appears they have actually taken the door off, and it's just the screen door! Crazy. Now, when people drive up or walk up to buy, they go inside for a few minutes, rather than standing at the window, waiting.

It kind of appears that the sheriff is finally putting some pressure on them, maybe. The 2 deputies who were so on the ball a year ago and made arrests out of here that lead to the drug bust on the house behind us, have now been assigned to a "warrant" unit. Not sure if this is a new unit (never heard it mentioned before) or not, but they are definitely new to it, and these 2 definintely know how to get *$%% done. Last week they arrested 2 guys on warrants. According to the prosecutor (who keeps DH pretty informed) they have ties to the drug house dealers behind us. Then Tuesday night one of the drug dealers behind us was arrested on a warrant for violating his court ordered no contact order, to not be at this house, where his brother lives. Last conversation DH had with the prosecutor, she said that if he gets arrested again on this no contact order, he will be serving more time than the last time (21 days) because this is a repeat offense (at least 3 times now) for this. He went in front of a judge yesterday. Got a whole 5 more days than the last time. Big whoop.

We have a feeling that DH calling the sheriff last week, because he saw a different guy with a known warrant, standing at the drug house back door and then saw him go inside. The cops (4 cars and deputies) showed up about 30 minutes later. They didn't find him, but most probably saw son/drug dealer there, reported it, and prosecutor was able to get a judge to put out a warrant for the violation. That's just our guess. But 28 days is a joke, as this whole county court system is.  Oh well, at least I'm sure he is pretty miserable right about now, not getting his drug fixes.

Slumlandlord's drug addict/dealer son has mostly been gone, which always helps. He showed up again couple of weeks ago and traffic just went out of control. That was right during the time (on New Year's Day) when the councilman brought the 3 other county folks out to take a look, and someone from slumlandlords property started yelling at us (couldn't see behind the shop who it was). DH ended up talking to slumlandlord on the phone that night and basically said - if you don't like that people are here to try and help this neighborhood, you really aren't going to like what's coming!".  Pretty much haven't seen son since and that's about the same time his renters quieted way down. Deputies have been doing more patrols thru and will drive right though renter's property to get to the road behind us. I'm sure that is helping.

The other nearby neighborhood (who has never had the level of traffic we get) has been kind of the same. Their 2 drug dealers (different houses) are still in jail, which is helping, but the girlfriend of one of them is still around, doing her dealing. Plus one of the neighborhs had his car broken into recently.

Has this problem been fixed? Oh, not by a long shot. It's just them laying low because they are aware of the extra heat going on right now. But, it has at least been a very welcome break.  Lately, when our black dog barks in the middle of the night, it's not because some lowlife is walking down the street in front of our house. It keeps turning out to be a family of raccoon's, a big old opossum, or a cat. LOL.

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