Friday, January 22, 2016

Yay Friday!

I went to the dentist Wednesday morning for my 4-month cleaning. I have been such a model dental patient the last year or so! So, I was not happy to find out I have a cavity. And not just your ordinary run of the mill cavity. No, it has to be on the edge of the partial tooth that I have a crown on. Old crown has to be removed, cavity fixed, and a brand new crown put on. So, there will be another $600 out of pocket I will have to pay. %$%^!  He said he could "patch" the cavity, but did not recommend that as it will compromise the crown.  At least it is my oldest crown (like over 20 years) and not one of the one's I just had and paid for in the last couple of years.  Other than that, my brushing and flossing is doing great and I can start going back to 6 months cleanings.

I only had to work at the office one day this week. Nice for saving money on gas (and my sanity in the traffic). I won't even have to fill up with gas this weekend. Today is my half day Friday. Love these days. I can be off at 11:30 and get the grocery shopping all done. I also, finally, have an appointment later this afternoon for a long overdue haircut. Only I can't remember if she said 2 or 2:30 (stinks getting old!), so I will have to call her later this morning and get the correct time.

DD is coming home this weekend for a quick visit. Saturday afternoon through Sunday evening. Wish it was longer. She only has classes Mon and Wed and I tried to get her to head home this morning, so she'd be home when I got off work around noon and we'd also have this afternoon together, but she said she meets with a girl on Friday afternoons she is partners with on a class project. Then she says she and BF have a bike ride scheduled Saturday morning at 8am, for a couple of hours, so she won't be heading home until after that (and it takes 2 1/2-3 hours to get home). Oh well. I'm not sure if her BF is coming down too or not. Most likely. He has been staying at her apartment to commute to his new job, but most likely he will want to see his parents too. Which probably means that most likely the 30-ish hours I get to spend with DD will have to be split with her also seeing BF. LOL.

We have plans to spend a couple hours trying out some candle making. I bought all the stuff before Christmas, but the kit got back ordered and didn't get here until after Christmas and she had already left on her trip.  Also a trip over to a big furniture store. DH's present to me for birthday (and anniversary) is to get the night stands for our bedroom set.  I was looking online and it appears the set is no longer being made. Bummer. It's expensive stuff, so I haven't been able to buy it all at once. First we bought the bed (sleigh bed), then a couple years later got the dresser. Hopefully, I can find something similar that will look ok. The store does still carry furniture from this furniture maker.

This is the bed I have, though ours is king size so there are 3 panels across head and foot. My wood is also quite a bit darker than this. It is very heavy solid wood.
Hopefully, I can find something similar that will look ok. I love walking around this furniture store. It is HUGE, like 6 acres of floor space and they have a lot of nice furniture and accessories. DD and I will have fun just looking around at everything. We do that about once a year, just for fun.

My new rooster cookie jar arrived yesterday. I am so in love! haha! the colors are awesome
We got some more news about our resident neighbor theif/dealer/addict (renter's minor son). The prosecutor had told DH a few weeks ago that he hasn't been following his probation requirements (he spent 2 months in rehab for his sentence for stealing a car and credit cards and ATM theft) and was going to be called back into court. Well.....he didn't show up for his court date this week.  So, I'm sure that explains why the renters have been acting like hermits all week. Now he'll have a warrant out for him. DH talked to one of the deputies last night looking for him, and DH promised to call in, if we see him around. With the 2 awesome deputies on this new "warrant unit" I'm sure they will get him soon. We also found out that slumlandords son has a warrant now too. We didn't realize that. Haven't seen him around for a couple of week, which is also another reason it has been so quiet around here.

Better get to work, so I can get my half day in.


  1. Thanks for sharing part of your life with me. Sometimes I begin to ponder that I'm like the only one out here that is always extremely busy and never has time for anything. I know what you mean, I went for my yearly check up and was told I have a cavity behind my front tooth in a bad spot.

    Elfrieda Sevigny @ Simmonds Dental Center

  2. Let me tell you what happens if you put off this work for too long. I waited and waited, two years passed. One day I bit down on a peanut and the entire tooth shattered. The cavity got so big under the crown it destroyed the entire tooth below. Now I am facing thousands in work to repair the area.

    Justene Doan @ A+ Family Dentistry