Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gettin' over the hump

This week seems to be going very slow for some reason, which is strange because I am very busy with both jobs. This morning I finished all the year end accounting work for my side job and got the file uploaded to the CPA. I had planned to have it all done by the end of last week, but I completely lost 4 days of work time when I could not access the order system program. Anyway, it was a big relief to be able to upload that file and be done with that part.

With my new Capital One credit card I get free credit score tracking, which updated today. I was happy to see it went from 700 to 705.

I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and pay for an anti-virus program for DH's computer. It's a brand new computer (just a several months old now) and he's still always having problems (just like his old computer). I tried to explain to him that it's most likely from all the internet surfing he does, especially this one message board/forum type website (it's huge, with thousands of posts per day) and even showed him some articles and such I found on the internet saying that this site causes malware, etc. He stayed off it for awhile (no, it's not porn LOL. It's just where thousands of gearheads/racers post their opinions etc) and didn't have much problems, but he's been back on lately and of course his computer is slow, etc again. He always blames any computer problem on our internet provider (Comcast), but while he's sitting there with his computer all slow, I'm sitting here on my computer with several windows open, logged in remotely to work, etc and not an issue at all. So, obviously it's not the internet connection.  I did some research with pc mag's top recommendations. Sound like the top two recommended are Bitdefender and Kapersky.  I know I have one or two free type anti-virus programs on his computer. Guess I'll have to remove all those and just try one. Wish I knew more about computer stuff!  Or maybe I just need to hire someone to come in and go over his computer and explain it all to him, what is causing it. A computer tech could tell him the exact thing I am saying and then it would be correct. That is probably what I should do. (and then I can sit there and say "I told you so").

I finally stopped on my way home from work yesterday and ran my car through the car wash! It was so dirty, but yesterday was sunny and so is today, so I get 2 days of clean car :). I am a bit claustrophobic. All the other times I have used the car wash this past year (always hand washed before) DD was the one driving and we sat and talked and laughed our way through it. This was the first time by myself and I did feel a tiny bit panicky. I only feel that way if I am in a position where I feel trapped in. I am fine in elevators. I could walk into a closet right now and be fine. The first time I ever went into a tanning bed I about had a panic attack, but once I convinced myself I could easily get out, I was fine (and then used to nap during my tans, LOL). The MRI I had to have after my car accident was the worst feeling. I used to panic in the dentist office too (hence why I didn't go for years) when they'd lay me back to start working on me, I'd feel trapped. The mind is a strange thing, sometimes!

I seem to be where the pets want to be today. I have one dog asleep on one side of my chair and the other dog asleep on the other side. The cat is on the bed snoring.

What the heck is good to watch on tv these days? Right now there is really only 3 shows I'm watching. Madam Secretary, Downton Abbey and Big Bang Theory (and half the time it seems that isn't on or it's a repeat). I'm not watching American Idol anymore. Watched it for years and last year was so bad, I only watched the first half of the season. I haven't even bothered with this final season. Last night I watched on demand last Sunday's episodes of Madam Secretary and Downton Abbey. The rest of the week I feel like there is nothing to watch.

I'm currently taking my acid reflux medication every other day now. My doctor had been kind of vague (and only gave me 2 months prescription). It's working great for me, so I emailed her and asked if I'm supposed to continue with it on a daily basis now or what. She suggested trying every other day and if still good, then take as needed. I just started the every other day, so not sure yet. I have to go back in a few weeks for a cholesterol check and see if the Simvastatin is working.

Went to pick up DH's Crestor - that went up $30 a month, apparently due to his new insurance I changed to. Great - I saved $5 a month of premiums and now have $30 a month more in higher medication costs. I CANNOT wait until this goes generic sometime later this year! I had to pay $202 for this prescription.       


  1. Don't get kaspersky. We had it at work and it sucked so bad we switched to another service. I use malwarebytes (paid lifetime subscription) and the free bit defender at home. I have an IT husband and he was ok with these two options. Just my two sense anyways...

    1. Thanks for the info. I have an email into a mobile computer repair place for an estimate to come to the house, clean up his computer and EDUCATE him. I think that might be my best route. I have put malwarebytes (free version) on, as well as another one, but he just keeps having problems.

  2. Ok, I am not your "normal/average" tv watcher(LOL)but here is what I watch.....and there ain't much out there on non-cable.
    Monday-8pm SuperStore then maybe some Antiques Roadshow and if I am still up at 10pm Independent Lens on PBS too.
    Tuesday-8pm Finding Your Roots on PBS, sometimes Law & Order reruns on MeTV and/or American Experience on PBS if it looks interesting, Wednesday 8pm-10pm The Middle, The Goldbergs, Modern Family and Blackish, Thursday 8pm Big Bang Theory(tho it's getting stale), Life in Pieces, Mom, Friday sometimes Undercover Boss and/or Shark Tank, Saturday History Detectives and then Doc Martin on PBS, Sunday 9pm Downton Abbey then Mercy Street at 10pm on PBS. Now and again I'll catch an episode of Criminal Minds or Fresh Off the Boat too but that's about all I watch now. We don't have cable so I can't watch Food Network, HGTV or Hoarders anymore. 8-(

    1. I look at what is on from 8-10 each night and nothing seems to interest me. I think it's me! LOL. I have watched Fresh off the boat a couple of times. OH ya, I do like MOM, I just forget when it's on or miss it for some reason. I kind of got tired of The Middle, it's on syndication and I watched it often. I'll have to check out Mercy Street. I can't stay up past 10 (barely can make it past 9:30) so if it's on after that I'll have to catch it on demand.

  3. We use Kapersky (paid) because we have 4 business computers on it. It seems to work but I also load Superantispyware Free edition (not worth paying for two) on each computer just in case something gets by the Kapersky. The Superantispyware has removed a couple of viruses that bypassed but you have to manually update the files and run scans which I try and do once per week unless you pay them for monitoring.