Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday relaxing

It's been a pretty relaxing weekend. DH has been gone most of it - ha! Yesterday morning I went grocery shopping (only spent $100) and then stopped and filled up with gas and went inside the store to get my free Starbucks birthday drink. Only apparently now they only give you a few days to use it up now, but the nice girl gave it to me free anyway.

I chatted online with DD for almost a couple of hours off and on yesterday. She wants to try to start making candles to sell. She designed a cute little logo/business card and will try to sell on Facebook to friends and probably start an Etsy store. She thinks she and her BF are going to just keep her apartment at college town through the end of the lease. Originally she was going to try to sublet it after she graduates in June (lease goes through end of Sept) but it's only $720 a month and an hour commute for her BF and she will try to find a job in same area as he works. For $360 a month rent (each) they can do the commute for a few months. That way they will also have a better idea of where to eventually rent or buy a house, depending on where she ends up working.

We have plans to take a trip, mid March, over to the area we want to move and just look around. We have been offered a place to stay by friends (it will only be 2-3 nights). Friend called this morning and had driven over to the piece of property we want to check out when we go. He really liked it and took some pictures for us too. It's 3 acres in a private area, on a river. Surrounded by state land on 2 sides, river on one side and potential future neighbors on some 2 acre lots sharing a long driveway. There is one neighbor there now. They built 7 years ago and no one else has built. It has some covenants of no mobile/mfg homes and a min sq foot requirement, so the homes should be nice. The current home there is very nice.  DH asked him how many cars have driven by on the frontage road that goes by the property. "ummm...I've been here a half hour already and NONE!". By the time he left, after he'd been there almost an hour, only 2 cars had driven by. That works for us. I'm looking forward to the trip. DD will come home and mind the place and take care of the dogs (her BF will come and stay with her for the weekend). It was originally a long weekend she planned to come home and help me paint a couple more rooms, but we really want to get over there and look around and she's also offered to just paint the rooms herself while she is here! Yay! win win. Like she said - she'll need something to do to keep her busy while staying here.

I ran over to Target this morning. I took just a few minutes of my time before I left and found coupons online and saved me $4. I didn't need much, some supplement for DH, laundry detergent, cat food and big bags of dog treats were on sale, plus get a $5 Target gift card when I bought 2.  So, I saved $4 with my coupons and also got $5 back in a gift card.

My cat peed in our bathroom (on the mat in front of shower door) again. GRRR! I'm washing the mat and I've wiped down the area with clorox, but it still smells.  Usually old cat will wake me up around 3 or 4am to go outside. I should have known something was up when it was like 5:30 before he wanted out. He did it a couple of times a couple of months ago, but not since. I guess I'll just have to start putting him out when I go to bed. At least it's getting a lot warmer outside now.  I need to figure out something to get rid of the smell still there.


  1. Hi!
    Try a cup or bowl of cider vinegar in the bathroom to get rid of the smell/odor. You may have to leave it in there for a few days. Vinegar gets rid of strong food odors like fish. Cat pee is very strong as well so hopefully it will help. I'm surprised the Clorox didn't do more.
    Good luck,

    1. Thanks for the tip! I did have some regular vinegar I tried. Then I just sprinkled baking soda on the floor and let it sit awhile. I was still smelling it. Then I mopped it all again. This morning I am not smelling it anymore. Dang cat. I put him out around midnight last night. Then about a half hour later DH let the dogs out for a quick pee and apparently the cat came back in. He wanted back out at 5am, but thankfully didn't do it again (though he was in the bathroom just before I let him out).

    2. Yep, regular brown vinegar. Gets rid of some nasty odors after a day or two. I just leave it sitting out.
      Good luck with the kitty cat. We love our fur babies but they can be challenging at times.