Thursday, October 29, 2015

A day off

Have you ever played hooky from work? I haven't in years and years, but I am today. I called in sick. Though, technically we don't have sick days at my work - it's all just PTO (paid time off) to be used for......well, when we want time off! But, of course I still feel guilty. There is absolutely nothing pressing to be done at work, besides which I have oodles of unused time available. I think the last time I called in sick, when I wasn't, was probably back before 2007.

It's my regular day to work from the office, but DH's friend scheduled today to finish the work on his trailer, so dh needs to be gone all day. When he first told me about it Monday or Tuesday night I was like "well, I have to be in the office on Thursday" (and really, only because we are having a potluck lunch and I had signed up to bring a dish).  First he's worried about leaving the house alone and then he's worried about the dogs - who never have to get left alone, because someone is always here every day. Then yesterday evening came. I made cookies, then I made dinner and after that I didn't have any energy to make another dish. So, I thought - ok I'll prep all the ingredients and then do it in the morning before I leave for work (since I don't have to leave until 8:30). Then as I'm laying in bed this morning, waiting for my alarm to go off, I thought...hmmm....I should just call in sick today. (Then I don't have to make the dang dish) It would be the perfect day to play hooky. I have the house to myself and can just relax and do whatever the heck I want. So I am! And I didn't tell DH - other than to just text him that plans at work changed and I can work from home today, LOL.

I thought Karma was trying to bite me in the butt, when my Keurig wouldn't brew and I couldn't have coffee this morning! Finally, after about 4 times of turning it off and on and unplugging it and plugging it back it, wonderful coffee started dripping out. Whew!

I feel a nap coming on, already :)  Other plans just include catching up on the latest episode of Madam Secretary and reading some more of the book I'm currently enjoying.

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  1. I'm thinking you can call it a "mental health" day - Lord knows you need it with everything going on in the hood! Hope you are able to have a good weekend!