Saturday, October 10, 2015

Getting Saturday started

My grocery trip yesterday totaled $103. That still leaves me $16 for food/misc and the $10 budgeted for take out on Monday or Tuesday night. I also purchased oil and filter for my car that came to $25 (not included in my total) but that is coming out of my gas budget. I budgeted $80 for gas for the payperiod and only spent $35 (woo!), so even with the oil change supplies I'm still under budget on gas spending.

I will have to run to the store again today. DH didn't tell me he was out of something until I got back from the store (of course!). Plus I want to pick up another half gallon or two of that .99 milk. That will still be under the $16 I have left in my total $400 budget for this pay period. I really want to try and get this down a bit. I'm hoping that by writing all these expenses down on a list and seeing it in writing I can then at least try to see where I might be able to cut back a bit.

Especially because I just got my latest Comcast bill and my "promo" period from when I called the last time to try to keep our bill down is over. My bill went up from $169 to $206. Oh joy.  The only bright (and I use this term very loosely) spot was seeing my home equity loan statement reflecting the extra $500 towards principal balance (that I'm now required to pay per loan terms). I know seeing that go down $500 every month will make me feel like some progress is finally being made. I just wish every other bill I have wasn't going up, as they all seem to be. At least my electricity bill due at the end of this month was way under what I budgeted by $74.

I think it's going to feel like a long weekend and not in a good way. The drug dealing traffic continues to increase and the sheriff involvement is pretty non-existent. DH's mood correlates directly with all that, at this time. Though I am getting a bit tired of him using this as an excuse of why he never/rarely leaves the house. He says he can't leave the house alone (in his words "I'm a prisoner in my own home) because of all these low-lifes around 24/7. Well, he has 4 days out of 7 that I am home to watch the house and he could go somewhere, plus he has evenings the other 3 days he could go do something. He's just using that as an excuse, because even if there were no druggies all around us he'd still not go anywhere.

Part of his bad mood has been that he wants to finish getting this car trailer he bought fixed up and he needs some welding done on it. He asked a good friend (who has a business fabricating and welding) to do it (for pay, of course) and he said he would. Well, he has cancelled 3 times and now it's been almost 2 months since DH first asked him to do it and he hasn't bothered to reschedule dh another time. DH just wants it done and feels like if he just finds someone else to do it friends feelings will get hurt, but at this point friend is the one causing the hurt feelings (in my opinion) and DH should just go find someone else to do it.    

Well, that's my exciting life. I had a good dream before I woke up this morning......and then once I realized it was a dream I was sad. I was dreaming that I was asleep and heard noises and laughing and looked outside to see DH and what I thought was our good neighbor racing their lawnmowers (or maybe one was riding a quad) around the property and then when he came around to where I could see him I realized it was my son and I was so happy to see him............