Monday, October 26, 2015

Weekend wrap up

Saturday was just pretty much an uneventful day. I did the grocery shopping and filled up the car with gas in the morning and I can't say I really accomplished anything at all the rest of the day. I was going to make some peanut butter cookies, but by afternoon....and then evening....I didn't even feel like doing that. I just had no ambition.

I don't even know what I did the rest of the day after I got home and put the groceries away. I talked on the phone a little while with our councilman, who called. Even though I have no hope for our country's political future, I sure do like this guy. He epitomizes what a politician should be! He is working (and working hard!) for his constituents. He just doesn't sit in his office downtown all day. He is out in his district talking to people and trying to get things done.

Councilman had gotten a tip of a mid-level drug dealer's house about 5 miles from us. Thought DH should drive by there and see if any cars might be there match cars that come to our drug houses. This would most likely be the supplier to these houses in our neighborhood. So, DH and friend (he now has 2 new friends from this neighborhood) from other neighborhood took a drive over there, but didn't see anything. But once DH and friend figured out the name of this dealer from the house - it all fit together. She is the sister of the one of the drug dealers in the other neighborhood.

I finished a book - yay me. I haven't actually read in so long. Now I've downloaded the next book in the series.

DH's welding friend finally said he'd get the work on DH's trailer done on Sunday. I figured I'd at least get a half of a day to myself :). Turns out I got the whole day and evening to boot! Wooo! Though I wasn't very happy that he couldn't have at least texted me that he wouldn't be home for dinner. If I had done that to him, he'd be throwing a fit.

I got the dusting and vacuuming done, stripped our bed and washed the sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover. Making our king sized bed and getting the duvet back inside the duvet always wears my back out. And for some stupid reason I always get the duvet turned around sideways, so it doesn't fit quite right and have to pull it out and start over.

I tried a cleaning tip I saw online for hard water and calcium build up on our kitchen sink faucet. Soaked some rags in vinegar and wrapped around the faucet for an hour. I had to do it twice, but it really did get most of it off and it's really shiny now.  I also tried another tip of cutting off a piece of magic eraser and putting it in the toilet bowl and leaving all day (or night). The guest/DD's bathroom toilet is old and has a big toilet bowl ring. It really worked!

I enjoyed the rest of my rare solitude day. I took a little nap. I read, I watched tv and took a bath.

Oh, and I got the thyroid results back on the old geezer cat and he's in normal levels now, so the medicine is working. That's good news.

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