Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Rising prices

My overall monthly budget for food (including take out), health and beauty, household supplies and pet food/supplies just seems so dang high. I budget $800 a month for the 2 of us. Sometimes I come in under, but mostly it seems to be $800 or more. Is it me or do food prices just seem to keep going up and up? Eggs and meat are getting so costly.

I do 2 take out dinners a week (sometimes only 1) but they are usually just for one meal for DH and usually about $8 each, so not much really. I can barely make a good dinner for that amount. On DH's take out night's I just try to eat up leftovers or make myself something cheap, like pancakes or something.

I thought I was doing great when I walked out of the grocery store last Friday for $95.40, but then I wrote down all my other little misc expenses.....

$12.17 for a new wood blind "wand". Our kitchen one got broke quite awhile ago and I can't open the blinds. Not that I've been particularly interested in opening them just to look back down into the drive up drug window, but still........Finally found one online -  that cost almost as much to ship as the part.

$38.26 - dog food (this will last a month) and 2 pigs ears. It was old dogs birthday, so I also bought 2 .99 pigs ears :)

$16.38 - saw blades for DH's reciprocal saw

$13.82 - misc food and pet supplies at Target

$7.65 - DH's take out

so, already I am up to $183.68 total - almost the $200 for the week's budget and I still have 4 days until my next week starts a new $200 budget.

The $95 I spent on groceries for this next week was pretty bare bones. For meat I only bought 2 lb of ground beef. Another meal has chicken breasts, but I already have some in the freezer. The rest are meatless. I really didn't even buy very much and it was still almost $100.  That's not a typical week - usually it's around $130 total. I use coupons, ibotta rebates, Walmart savings catcher, etc.   I try to stock up when prices are low. I just don't know what else to do and it's the only thing we really have any wiggle room in the budget.

Here's what we're eating this week for dinners:
Fri - we had hamburgers and I used up the buns bought for some the previous week
Sat - Bertolli chicken and marsala skillet meal (this is really tasty for a frozen meal and DH's current favorite dinner meal)
Sun - Hamburger Helper Stroganoff. We haven't had this in ages/years. Simple and easy - which is what I go for
Mon - chili dogs and corn bread
Tues - dh take out/me whatever I can fix with what's already in the cupboards (sometimes it's just cereal!). I might get Chinese take out tonight. It's only about $11 and feeds both of us.
Wed - chicken breasts and stovetop and mixed veggies
Thurs - DH take out

Breakfasts for me are a cup of coffee (I have a Keurig but I use an adapter so I don't have to buy the pricey k-cups) and a glass of Carnation instant breakfast. DH has an "egg mcmuffin" that I make on the days I don't have to go to the office and a mountain dew. On the other days I think he just has toast - and of course his morning "coffee" Mountain Dew. I did find that a pack of 10 english muffins was only 20 cents more than a pack of 6, so I bought the 10 and froze half.

Lunches for me are usually leftovers or Soup at Hand and a granola bar or something extra. Sometimes we have free lunches at work. On the days I work at home I just kinda snack. DH always has a lunchmeat and cheese sandwich on 9 grain bread, some chips and another Mountain Dew. The rest of the day he drinks water with the Crystal Light ice tea packets. I buy the cheapest case of Walmart brand bottled water.

I usually make some dessert for the week. This weekend I made peanut butter cookies (from scratch). Last week was a pan of brownies (from a box). Other weeks I make a cake (from box).

Nothing fancy - but still all costs a fortune.  Then I stopped at Target yesterday to take advantage of a good price on toilet paper. I bought 2 big 30 roll packs (and got a $10 Target gift card back), some otc medicine and 2 boxes of corn bread mix....another $47 spent, so I am now at $230.95 of my $400 budget and still 9 more days until the next payday/budget.

And I just found out the health insurance plan I have DH and DD on will go up another $44 a month next year. So, ya, I'm still lovin' Obamacare......it's just done wonders for my budget. $520 a month for pretty much nothing and if one of them has something major I'll still have a $6350 deductible to meet first. Woohooo! NOT.........


  1. $200 per week sounds awfully high to me but I don't live where you do and don't know the cost of living so I really can't comment. I lived in the States (PA) many moons ago and I think I am trying to compare the impossible. That being said, my youngest and his gf have put in a bid on an apartment to rent near here. If they get it they could be gone by Christmas. And while I know I will miss them I think I might just throw a party!!! Yay me, for the first time in over 30 years I will only have myself to think about. That being said, I budget 600 euros per month for the 3 of us but I always have plenty left. I am wondering if I can get it down to 50 euros per week for me alone. I think that's possible since I know how to cook and enjoy it. It will be interesting to see though. But good luck on cutting back. It's not easy particularly when you have to accommodate other people. Anna

    1. That will be nice to only have to worry about yourself for a change! I don't even know where I could cut back much more. Eggs are over $3 a dozen now. Meat is getting so pricey.

  2. I am having chicken quarters my friend gave me that she got for .79 a pound! I cannot believe the cost of living!

    1. I remember seeing that price on sale......15 years ago 😂