Sunday, October 18, 2015

It is Sunday already?

Yesterday managed to be a fairly productive day. DH wanted to put some more weed and feed down on the lawn and wanted some compost for a small area he wants to seed with grass. I went to Lowe's and picked that stuff up, then on my way back I did my weekly fill up of gas and stopped at RiteAid. I need to stop waiting until Saturday to get in on their sales - they are always out of stock by then.

I got home and we were reading the weed and feed instructions and according to our weather forecast for the next 2 days it was a good time to put it down. It wasn't supposed to rain until today. Well, of course it started raining 6 hours after DH spread there's probably $75 wasted.....

While he was doing that I vacuumed and dusted and cleaned up the kitchen. Washed the blanket that covers the couch so the dogs can lay on it. Texted with DD off and on throughout the day. She did some shopping and then took her nice Nikon camera out to take some Fall photos around her college town. She hadn't used her camera in quite awhile.

The dogs and I took a nap from about 2:30 to 3:45 and then I didn't do much until it was time to make dinner. Just taco's, so nice and easy.  I'm trying to get back into reading. I seem to have lost interest in actually sitting and reading a book the past few years. I know it's because of my eyesight - now with reading glasses (well, I have progressive lenses now). My eyes just get strained easy so I can't read very long or I get tired. And I just don't seem to have the long attention span I used to have to sit and read for an hour or so. Mostly I just "read" the books I want by listening to them on audio books during my long commute days.

I was noticing there was a new "Kay Scarpetta" book out by Patricia Cornwell, and realized the last book in the series that I read was probably a few years ago. I love that book series and in looking at the book list I realize there are now 3 books out since I last read one, so I downloaded (via library borrow) the oldest book I haven't read yet to my ipad mini and started reading it. As usual it was good right from the start and I've read about 100 pages so far in the past 2 days. It helps to put the font a bit bigger too, so my eyes don't strain as much and I can read longer.

Then our county councilman called around 8pm to check in, so I talked with him quite awhile. We also just received our voter's ballot and pamphlet, so I got his recommendations on some to vote for. One is his excellent assistant, who is running for a county position, so I knew to vote for her, but I wasn't sure who to vote for in the other 2 positions.

DH spends his time looking at homes for sale on zillow. It's nice to see what's out there in our price range, but we are not that close to even being able to get serious about looking, so it's all just dreaming right now.  And he's realizing it will be hard to find a place that has everything we want (well, unless we had a million dollars to spend, LOL) and we'll have to end up making compromises in some aspect or other when we do finally get to find a new place.

Today's agenda includes cleaning out the birds cage, emptying the fridge of some old food and making a cake for this weeks dessert. Dinner will be cheeseburgers. It's raining, so that means DH will be stuck inside. I'm going to make a another trip to the store. We have a couple of guys from the other drug neighborhood near us coming over on Tuesday afternoon and I need to pick up some beer for them. DH doesn't drink it, but he knows they do, so wanted to be a good host. So, since I'm going to be at this particular store I checked their weekly ad and will pick up a few things on sale. 1/2 gallon of milk for .99 on sale again. Hamburger Helper for .88 and cases of water for $2.50. I also need some fluorescent bulbs for the kitchen lighting. We have been operating on 1/2 lighting for a month or two.

I still need to crunch the numbers comparing this FHA loan and the overall costs vs what we have now and see if it would make sense to refinance, especially if we plan to sell in about a year or less.


  1. Busy weekend! I tend to spend mine avoiding doing anything productive. I try to do as many errands as possible during the week. Then again, we save a lot of time by just not cleaning. It's actually starting to get gross, so we'll need to at least spot clean some areas and run the Roomba. But I'm just big on chilling out on my days off. So we watched a bunch of TV and Netflix.

    1. I like to chill when I am done working for the day, so I tend not to do too much during the week - except TV and Netflix in the evenings. LOL.