Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pinching pennies

I got a great deal on some shampoo and conditioner last week. 4 huge bottles of Tresamme for 25 cents each. I haven't tried the shampoo yet, but I am loving the conditioner. It makes my hair so soft. These bottles should last me quite a long time.

Yesterday I had to run an errand, so I stopped in a grocery store that had 1/2 gallons of milk on sale for .99 each. That is a very good price, and I drink a lot of milk, so I bought four.  Lately I have been drinking an organic milk that I love. It tastes so good........but at $4 for a half gallon.....that's $8 a gallon vs. $2 a gallon (on sale) for the regular stuff.  Gotta switch back and save some money. The .99 sale is going on through Saturday. I might stop in again on Saturday and get a couple more 1/2 gallons. I guess you can freeze milk? Anyone have an experience with that? I have read that low fat or skim milk works best. I have 2%.

Last nights dinner was a substitute. I forgot to take the chicken breasts out of the freezer early enough, so instead I took out the leftover taco soup I had frozen a couple months ago. I'm so glad I saved what was left because it tasted just as good as made fresh and we just had a basically no cost meal, other than the bag of Frito scoops. Tuesday's take out dinner was Teriyaki. I was going to stop for Chinese but then remembered they are closed on Tuesdays. One Chicken Teriyaki meal is enough for DH and I to share, and it only cost $8.15. Not bad for 2 people to eat.

That trip to the store for the milk cost me $23.81. It just never ends. We needed a new wall/corded phone for the kitchen. The one we've had (for EVER) stopped letting us dial. It's been broken awhile and we've just been using it to answer, but can't dial out. DH had a good point the other day, based on our precarious neighborhood. What if we need to dial 911 fast and we can't grab that phone off the wall and instead are running around the house looking for one of our cordless phones? So, I picked up a $10 wall phone. I couldn't find one cheaper on Amazon, so I went with this one. I also had to pick up some more OTC medicine for DH. I bought the wrong stuff the other day (figured out after he already opened it). I did do a search for a coupon before I went to the store and at least was able to print off one for $2 off, so that helped.

The foundation make up I have been using is in a squeeze type tube. It's ok make up, but not something I plan to buy again. But I want to use it all up before I go try something new. It was getting hard to squeeze out a few weeks ago, but then I realized if I turned it upside down and sat it on it's lid I still have lots left in there. So, weeks later I'm still using it.  Just wish I knew what to try next. I can't find the one I used for years anymore and the kind I tried before my current one was awful. I threw it out and didn't even finish it. This current one isn't too bad, but being a CC type it's just a bit too "opaque" covering for my liking.


  1. Hello, I recently bought Physicians Formula CC concealer & cream. I also thought the coverage was a little heavy. I sure did not want to throw it away. I now mix in a small amount of moisturizer in the cream before I apply it to my face. I think I will buy the BB cream next time.

    1. Maybe it's just what I bought, but the cc seems to be more like moisturizer with a little color tint, then makeup that will even out my skin tone. The kind I bought before what I have now went on so dry (and it's wasn't for oily skin) that it looked terrible so I threw it out. I just want my old kind back, LOL.

  2. Milk will freeze. I found the gallon takes forever to thaw, so I froze it in pint jars and took out two or three when I ran out of milk in the refrigerator.

    I use shampoo I don't like in a soft soap bottle and use it in the bathroom. I have heard that conditioner can be used to shave legs. At any rate, I never discard shampoo. I have not bought soft soap for at least ten years. That bottle was the first I ever bought and just refill it with shampoo for the bathroom sink.
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