Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let's take it to the local news

Over the course of my post (rants!) about our neighborhood drug problem several of you have suggested we try the media. Well, DH got so fed up that Sunday he shot off an email to all the 4 major news stations in our area. Two have responded. The first one with a couple emails for some general info (address, etc) and the other emailed and then called DH and he talked with someone in their investigative department for almost 2 hours! They seem very interested. He's now in the process of emailing her kind of a timeline of all what has taken place and what steps we have taken thus far over the 2 year period.  If it does get put on the news I'm sure the sheriff will be pissed about it and we'll never get anything done, but they haven't done anything anyway, so whatever! The lady who he spoke with seemed real interested in all the charges that keep getting dropped, no jail time, etc.

In the meantime, slumlandlord has brought in yet another occupied RV on his rental property. Nice. They already ran over the water line moving onto the property. I reported it the new rv to the county as soon as I got home. I wanted to do this so it is documented how long it will have been there, when it's gets past it's 4 month allowed (with a permit......ya, I'm sure he got a permit.....). I also reported the other rv that is on slumlandlords main property. It has now been there, occupied, for over 5 months. According the the county they have to have a permit and then are only allowed to stay 4 months out of a 12 month period.


  1. Good for you contacting the local news agencies - like you said, what have you got to lose? The local law enforcement has done absolutely nothing for you after all you & husband have done documenting, videoing, etc and they still tell you nothing they can do. That's bullsh*t! You pay their salaries to protect & service you & they say there's nothing they can do? I am disgusted with you at the lack of action by the law. And we all wonder why drugs are becoming so rampant in this country??!! I hope you reach a local reporter who latches on to this story like a pitbull with a steak bone and brings this all to light! Nobody should have to live like you are living with all that drug activity around you! I'm glad you are keeping good documentation. I wish I could contribute to a fund where you & hubby hire a lawyer to represent you and sue the pants off the county for their lack of response to all you have presented them with! Maybe that should be your next step?

    1. I told DH awhile back, if anything happens to him from any of these criminals I'll be suing the county up the $#$. There was another story one of the news stations just did yesterday afternoon...in an area about 7 miles from us- same sheriff agency and the people have been ripped off 4 times in like a month and they said cops won't even get there for hours. The Sheriff spokesperson was interviewed and he literally said "we're short handed, if they aren't being killed, we're probably not going to come"!! Between that and all the info dh just gave them, I hope they continue with our story. Thanks for your kind thoughts and words for us, Susie Q.