Monday, October 12, 2015

Gingerbread houses and nose prints

Yesterday was a pretty relaxing but productive Sunday. It was a warm sunny day, but definitely with that Fall cool crispness to it.  After my normal morning of a cup of coffee and "internet-ing" I took a shower and got myself presentable to the world and then made a loaf of banana bread. There is nothing more comfortable and homey than smelling a loaf of banana bread baking. I cleaned up my mess (because no matter how hard I try to be neat I end up with flour somewhere it isn't supposed to be) and made the bed and tidied up.

As I was letting the dogs out I noticed all the nose prints on the screen door, so I cleaned those off (that lasted all of 15 minutes before there were new nose prints) and then cleaned a couple of mirrors inside the house. As I was cleaning the mirror between the built in china cabinets in the dining room I saw how DUSTY the glass shelves inside the cabinets were. I like rarely/ever/almost never take all the stuff out and clean, but I did! I even tossed a couple of really old gingerbread (ie graham cracker) houses the kids made for Christmas when they were little. I have NO IDEA why I had kept those all these years, but for some reason I could never throw them out.  Apparently I had a change of heart because suddenly houses made of old food and old candy needed to go in the garbage!

As I was emptying the small wastebaskets throughout the house into a trash bag I also tossed what used to be a cute dog statue I had sitting on the floor next to my piano. It's had it's ears chewed off (by a real dog) several years ago and there was no saving it. I finally threw it out. Then I tossed a couple of boxes with very old cell phones that were on top of my desk cabinet. Even though most of my house is neat and tidy now, there is still a lot of things that can be gotten rid of and I try to make myself find things to toss each weekend when I empty the waste baskets.

Some time ago I wrote about how I just wanted a more peaceful life. As I walked around my clean, (mostly uncluttered) home yesterday I realized that (inside my home, at least) I had achieved that. If I can block out knowing that there are drug deals being made outside, I can feel calm and peaceful inside my home.......or maybe it was just because DH and the dogs were outside and I was alone and it was quiet HAHA! :)

I headed out at 1pm because the library was open and I had a book that DH and I want to read to pick up. Boy, that place sure is busy on a Sunday afternoon. It always makes me happy to see that people still use the library. I wasn't paying $15 to buy this book, so waiting a couple of days for it to be available to pick up at the library was just fine with me.  Then I stopped at Target for a few things as well as treated myself to a little bag of Ghirardelli chocolates.

Back home I took a short nap, hung out on Facebook awhile and then made us dinner (steak, veggies and watermelon). The evening was spent watching "Call the Midwife", which is my newest show (er... addiction) I am watching on Netflix. I'm really enjoying it.

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Have a super day!

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