Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday tidbits

Today's big excitement was a dentist appointment for a cleaning. I had a 9am appointment and almost waited longer in their waiting room than I was actually back in the exam room! Since I've been going every 4 months now for cleaning, the job goes pretty fast. It's been nice to just have to go for cleanings now and not all that expensive work that I did for over a year.

I got back from the dentist appointment and both DD and DH were crabby pants. Both of ya go back to bed and try again.

Just I walked by the newspaper rack in Walmart shoppers really buy the Wall St. Journal?

I'm still watching Prison Break - finally on Season 4.  I hear they might be bringing the show back to tv with a new season...after 10 years? that might be interesting.

So, DD's been applying for part time jobs on and off campus. She got an interview for one off campus, but they wants someone 15-25 hours a week. That will be way too much for her schedule. I told her. I also told her an off campus job will most likely not give her the freedom to come home for the month of winter break (and all the other holidays/breaks). She got asked to come in for an interview - pick a time this week, Tues, Wed or Thurs. She emails back that she will be in town on Friday, would it be possible to do an interview that day, instead?.....they say ok and then ask if she would be available for like 30 hours a week? She says no and also says she won't be available for the month of winter break, the week of Thanksgiving, blah blah blah. Of course they cancel the interview with her.....and she doesn't get why.......(oh this generation!)

Tonight's dinner is a "chicken sandwich ring" made with crescent rolls.

Our wayward son....he's back on Facebook. We can't really see much due to his privacy settings, but he changes his profile pic every few weeks, it seems, and I can get a glimpse of his "friends" from the town he lives in. OMG!!!!! Especially the girls......OMG!!! if they were my daughters I'd go hide under a rock from embarrassment. All of them total losers and white trash (male and female).  Let's of the girls that liked his latest picture....her page has a post on it that says "Fuck Stress, Smoke Weed".  The string of comments on his latest profile pic (from 2 of his friends who started commenting back and forth to each other)  was just ridiculous...about getting drunk, shut the F up, etc. What a sad, waste of a good, smart person's life.........he turns 24 in a couple of weeks.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you are still not getting news from your son. Although my oldest only lives 30 minutes away, while he used to see his dad twice a week he never came to see me, even when he was in the village. I only saw him twice in 2014. I asked him point blank if I had done something to offend him but he said no, I know dad is fragile and you are ok. He also used the excuse that he had not gotten over the divorce (which frankly is a crock of sh*t - did he really prefer seeing me getting the crap beaten out of me 3 times a week). Quite by chance he and his gf had gone to the UK to see my family in August and I was there at the same time. Things were fine - more than fine between us. And now back here - nothing! It is my birthday next week so he may (or may not) grace me with an sms. We'll see. And now his dad has moved back to the US permanently (thank God). But in the end, I think you just have to let them run. They will be what they will be and we can't change that - only hope that they "come back to the fold" later. Good luck. Anna

    1. I'm so sorry you are going through hard times with your son, too. Like you, it makes no sense to me. Even if I got to talk to him and ask questions as to why, I know it would just most likely be a bunch of lies and half truths. Thank you for the support.