Tuesday, September 8, 2015

JOKE - Part 3

We go outside where the Sergeant is parked along our front fence and talk to him. He had come over about how DH got treated the night before by his deputy(s). Wanted to (sort of) apologize for it, but then of course proceeded to have every excuse WHY it would happen in the first place. I said to him "after what we have been living through the past 2 years, the last thing we need to hear from a deputy is that there is nothing going on here!".

DH asked about all the cop cars/lights etc for that hour. They were looking for the guy they let walk off. It was a "goof" that he was let to walk away. Their computers were being really slow and they couldn't detain him any longer, so let him walk. Then finally it came through that he had a felony warrant and they tried to find him for an hour. He's still on the run. So, instead of taking another couple of minutes questioning this guy (they sure didn't have any problems detaining DH that long) where they could have had him right then, they let him walk and then 2 minutes later find out he's wanted and have to basically call the whole dang department out to find him.

DH told him he didn't take the deputy's name. He understands they are all different and all act/react differently. At this point all's we care about is that this neighborhood gets FIXED! We talked with him for quite awhile (this is the guy who is neighbors with and knows our daughter's BF). Right after he first pulled up a car came down our road. It was the grandma of these kids at the end of our street...the one who lives (illegally) in an RV on slumlord's property on the other side of us. Awhile later here comes slumlord property owner riding up on a bicycle. Of course grandma sent word that the cops were here. So he's trying to nosey in on the conversation. Trying to act like he's a concerned neighbor. Sgt asks him where he lives and he just points and says "over there" and Sgt says "in that trailer?" (the one that councilman tells us will get condemned) and he says "well, no, I live in the shop. I'm going to be getting it legal to live in" (first time ever he's actually admitted he lives in the shop). I could tell the Sgt was not impressed with him and basically just turned away from him and continued his conversation with us.  Then slumlord tries to say that this car DH followed was this other neighbor lady's ex boyfriend,who she is now dating the brother in law that lives at the renters place (got all that?!) and this guy is just stalking her (in good neighbors driveway at midnight?). She has a restraining order (or well, maybe she does) on him. No one wants him in the neighborhood, blah blah blah.

Sergeant gives us this new email address they have set up to use for reporting (instead of the online narcotics tip line). We can give info and attach pictures and videos. They have assigned a deputy, who is on light duty, to take all the info. Basically, they don't even want us calling dispatch to report suspicious people - just send the email. Only call if it's a 911 safety issue. Whatever - they never come anyway so it's nothing different.

Sgt leaves and we are left standing there with slumlord. We are trying to be nice. He just wants to keep blaming all the neighborhood problems on the drug dealer house behind us. We keep pointing out that doesn't change the fact that your renters have 800-900 visitors on our little private road a month at all hours of day/night. He again said "well, you can't be accusing my renters of dealing drugs". I kinda lit into him and said what do you want us to think it is? They all come, stay 2 minutes, just like at the other house behind us. DH said - you said yourself that youngest son is now is drug rehab. We all know the other son is also drug addict.  Slumlord says "well, ya they use drugs and bring in these people that do too, but they aren't dealing."  WHATEVER!

Friday was pretty quiet, but Saturday morning in comes that same car that DH followed the other night. The one slumlord says no one wants around. As the car is leaving it stops at our gate for a second, blares it's music and peels off the side of the pavement into our gravel/landscaped area. Then about 1/2 hour later the car returns, so I call slumlord to tell him to get up here and DH was going out to wait for the car to leave and stop it. Our good neighbor comes outside too, as slumlord is peeling down the road to his renters house.

Just before this, DH is on his way out, in my car, to go visit his new friend, in the other neighborhood, and show him a picture of this car to see if it visits their drug house. As he turns the corner at the end of our street he sees this guy down the road a bit with a bike and some kind of little cart full of stuff. DH gets just out of our neighborhood and realized he forgot something and turned around to come back. This guy is now on the property of the foreclosed/vacant house. He doesn't see DH stop and watch him. He puts his bike in the shed and then walks over to the garage side door and had his hand on the doorknob and sees DH. So he kinda walks in circles and then goes to the shed and takes his bike out. He then puts it in, then takes it out. Then he stops and DH says "do you think we need to call the sheriff?". They have this whole conversation where the tweeker cannot stop rubbing his hands all over his face. DH tells him to move along and then calls the sheriff to report him breaking into the house. Of course they never came out.

Slumlord finally comes back over to us (standing at the fence between us and good neighbors property) 20 minutes later. Here's the new "story": it was the lady who lives down the street (she and her 19 yr old son are involved in all this crap up to their eyeballs) now driving this car - the car of the guy who 2 nights ago he told us she had a restraining order on, he was stalking her and they didn't want him around here.  Now apparently he loaned her is car to drive. It was one excuse after the other.  Then slumlord basically said it was us who was the problem, not his renters. DH just walked away back to the house. I stood there a few minutes - just wanting to see if our good neighbor would finally grow some balls. All's he said was "well, there sure is alot of traffic on our road and it's not been the same the past 2 years". I went back into the house then too, fed up. What good neighbor (Mr. I'm always packing a gun) should have done was walk over to that car parked in the culdesac and said "what the %#$% were you doing on my property at midnight?!"  Or at a minimum he should have told slumlord he's full of crap and yes, we all know his renters are dealing drugs.

Gee, good neighbor.... You weren't calling slumlord to ask him to watch your property while you were out of town for 5 days........

There is one really good deputy (who is also the deputy that did the off duty patrol for this other neighborhood on Friday night). He has been good about emailing DH. He said the 4 hours they spent (that the other neighborhood chipped in and paid for at $60 an hour) at the other neighborhood resulted in 5 stops and one really good one. No arrests, but apparently got lots of info out of them and it all also tied into our neighborhood people. He said they are working on it.

We are so over all of this. Good neighbor knows DH is done with being his personal neighborhood watch program. He can finally open his front blinds, that have never been open in 20 years, and figure all this out for himself.


  1. just catching up with you. So has anything changed since this happened?

    1. Hi Gil - NOTHING has changed whatsoever. The other neighborhood that is about half a mile from us..they pooled together and spent about $1000 hiring 2 off duty officers to be in their neighborhood on 4 different nights/days for 4 hour shifts. Sure, it helped a little each day, but nothing has changed over there either. The county still has done nothing about all the property code violations they were going to do to put pressure on the landlord. There is still supposedly another meeting (at this other neighbors house) at the end of this month with the head sheriff and others. Maybe with a whole big group of pissed off people, the gov't will finally step up, but I doubt it.

      The one drug dealer behind us who was in jail for 20 days for violating a no contact order to not be at this house (his parents) got out Sunday morning and is right back at their house.