Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Senior kitty care

I had to take my old grumpy cat to the vet today. He's about 14 1/2 years old (if I am remembering right which year we got him) and has had a lump growing on his right front leg.  Luckily, after the vet  did a needle aspirate on it, it was determined it's just a cyst and not really a problem. It doesn't hurt the cat and he said it could be removed, but most likely would just grow back. He did drain it and it's a lot smaller  now. The vet also recommended having a "Senior Profile" done: blood work, urine sample etc.  Kitty's blood pressure was kind of high and his thyroid didn't feel quite normal to him, so these tests might be helpful to see if he has any other issues going on.

He was also due for vaccinations, so all in all it cost me $300. The "Senior Profile" was almost $150, but worth doing at this point, I think. Before he knew the lump was a cyst, he had said if he has to be put under to have it removed, he'd then recommend full dental work......just that part would be about $650! Yikes. DD and I talked about it while we were waiting for them to do the testing and decided not to spend that, especially, if I was going to also have to pay for surgery to remove the lump.

So, I guess I'll wait for the call tomorrow with the blood and urine test results. If his thyroid is a problem, he may have go to on medicine and/or diet change.

                                         And yes, that is him laying on the dog's bushy tail!


  1. My 13 yr old cat has dental work done this year and a cancerous growth removed. And last year my 16 yr old cat (then 15) needed extra care due to a few things. I have a kitty care acct that has helped tremendously in offsetting the cost.

    Hope your kitty is ok!

    1. I recently just started a pet care savings account...I only have enough to cover 1/3 of this vet bill, in it, so far. But, I guess that is better than having zero. This pet care account will definitely be needed as this cat is old, one of our dogs is 7 and the other is 3 years old.