Saturday, September 5, 2015

It's moving time

DD got an email yesterday that her new apartment complex has been permitted for occupancy and ready to move in anytime now. Oh boy is she excited - and relieved! She needs to be in the place by Sept 27 at the latest as her classes start the 28th. It's been a bit delayed and we were nervous that it would end up not being ready by then. She is going to be in the area later today, so is going to drive the extra 20 miles and pay her rent and get her keys :-)  Now she will have lots of time to get moved in and be all settled before she starts her quarter of 4 pretty hard classes. She got an upstairs unit and is happy about that. I'm sure the place is going to look adorable with her decorating skills.

She has been applying for some on-campus office work type jobs. She just wants something 10-15 hours a week to earn a little money for gas, etc. One job was off campus for an assistant kids tennis coach for just a few months She would have loved that, with her tennis experience, but never heard anything on her resume.

Her BF, who works for a large company that is all around our region, has been applying for other positions at a plant north of the main city. That would put him about an hour from her, while she's at school, and if that's where they ended up living once she graduates, it will most likely put her in a better position, geographically, for more job opportunities.

So, pretty soon that bedroom of hers that is stuffed full with all her apartment stuff will look very empty! She isn't taking her bed or dresser (she is so weird about dressers, she doesn't like them) but she is taking her desk and bookshelf and the drawer unit that is in her closet.  I'm excited to be on the countdown to her independence from us financially. I'll have more money then to funnel into my 401k and get us closer to retiring and getting the hell out of this overcrowded, traffic from hell, zoo.

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