Friday, September 25, 2015

Kitty update

Our old cat's "senior" blood tests results came back and he does have hyerthyroidism, which is probably what is causing his high blood pressure, too. There are 3 options. An expensive $1000 treatment that would fix the problem, daily pills or daily cream applied to his ears. Apparently the pills are about $40 a month and the cream $48 a month.

Yikes. Due to the cats advanced age, vet doesn't recommend the $1000 fix, so I am going with the cream applied to the ears treatment. That's got to be easier than trying to give a cat a pill twice a day, for the rest of his life, right?  I'm waiting for a pharmacy to call me back to let me know they have it ready. I guess it's a special compound that has to be made and there are only 2 pharmacies in our town to do that.

So, my cat will cost more in medication a month then I pay for myself, LOL.  Other than that, all his other tests came back good and normal.


  1. Years ago our dog had this condition. He only had to take one pill a day. One time when my husband and I were gone, our adult son took care of him and he accidentally gave him my high blood pressure medicine instead of the thyroid pill. The dog seemed unaffected when we got back and found out the mistake.

  2. Wow I've never heard of the cream thing. I think I would pay the extra $ too not to have to fool with the pill. Good luck. Sorry it's so expensive though.

    1. I've given him 2 doses (switch ears) so far, so good. Just rub it on the inside of his ear.