Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cell phone bill update and looking ahead on the budget

While I was happy to start saving $5 a month on the new Verizon plan change, I was confused as to why they now show with the new plans that each phone line is $20 a month and we are still paying $40 each (so $40 each phone, plus $45 for data for all 3 of us). I chatted online with a customer service person and got the answer that our phones were bought at a discount/under 2 year contracts, so we are still subject to the $40 a month until those contacts expire. Then it will drop to $20 per phone. DD's contract is up in 2 months, and she will get the benefit of a lower phone bill at that time. Her share of the bill will go down from $60 a month to $40. That will be great for her budget.  DH and my phone contracts aren't up until November of 2016, but at that time will then drop down and with 2 phones I am paying I will save $40 a month. That will be nice when it happens. Almost $500 a year back in my pocket is nothing to sneeze at. These iphone 5's that DH and I have should last us several years.

Here are the budget reductions I have to look forward to in the next 12-14 months:

May-ish: Crestor goes generic. I am currently paying $172 a month for DH's prescription....and that's with a $50 a month discount from the manufacturer that the pharmacy has. I have no idea how much the generic version will be, but it's gotta be less.

June: DD will graduate. DD will most likely have a job lined up. Even if she doesn't, right away, the plan is for her and BF to get a place together. I won't be giving her $100 monthly towards her college living expenses. I won't be paying her auto (about $50/mo) and health insurance ($200/mo) any longer, or any other miscellaneous things I buy for her.

November 2016: phone contracts up and save $40 a month

Even without however much the reduction in Crestor will be, that's $390 a month savings. Plus, I assume I'll get some little raise next year. If last years extremely disappointing raise is anything like next years, then it will be very little....$50 to $70 extra take home.  Next year about this time I should have at least an extra $500 a month.


  1. Good for you! So exciting to find extra $$. we are just starting to chip away at debt and are constantly looking for things like this.

    1. Every little bit helps. What drives me nuts is as soon as I get one bill down another goes up!