Sunday, September 27, 2015

Just doing this and that

I kept busy yesterday with various things. Friday was my half day at work and I got my grocery shopping done then. Yesterday morning I stopped at RiteAid for a few things, to use up some of my Plenti points and earn a few more in the process. Then I stopped at the pharmacy that makes the compound for the kitty thyroid medicine. $45. Ouch. But she said once his correct dosage is worked out (most likely after his re-test in a month) then I can buy 3 months at a time and it's much cheaper. First she said a month free and then I thought she said $65 for a 3 month supply. Either way, it won't be so expensive.

Then I stopped at Target to buy a baby shower gift for a woman at work who is expecting in about 6 weeks. I had seen a Target Cartwheel coupon for 25% off Cherokee brand clothing (sized 0 - 5yrs) but there was absolutely nothing in that brand at the store. So, I ended up getting a cute 3 piece outfit for the little guy that was $17 and a gift bag on clearance for $1.44. I had another $5 Target gift card to use and all in all I spent less than $15. I was trying to keep it at $20 or under.

As I was heading to fill up with gas for the week, DH called and wanted me to get some grass seed and weed and feed. Our lawn took a beating from the drought this summer and he's hoping to restore it. I went back home first to pee and grab some lunch and then headed to the home improvement store and grabbed a big bag of each, though I forgot we usually need 2 bags of the weed and feed. I'm going to Costco later this morning, so I'll swing by and pick up another bag.

I spent part of the afternoon sending a deputy emails with pictures and videos of all the traffic. This was what I had to send him just telling him about between 2am and 4am on Friday night:
2:04am - bike rider out
2:04 - car in at corner
2:16 - bike rider in
2:26 - bike rider out
2:32 - bike rider in
2:56 - bike rider out
2:59 - bike rider in
3:04 -  bike rider out
3:16 -  car in at corner
3:34 - bike rider in
3:39 - bike rider out and stopped and checked the lock on our back gate!
- car in at corner
3:49 - car in
3:57 car out
3:58 car in at corner

DH called slumlandord and complained and so last night, it was the grandma of these kids (she and grandmpa live in an rv on slumlords main property on the other side of us) who had her car going in and out ALL night long. Be gone a few minutes, come back, What a F'd up family.  In the meantime the county has done nothing to get rid of the rv that they are living illegally in or the list of other code violations on all the properties. It's all still a joke. A friend, who used to live in this neighborhood, was back through awhile ago, with her cop boyfriend from a different county. He took one look as they came into the neighborhood and told her don't come back here without a gun on her and he told her our county will never do anything about it because they are totally soft on drugs. Yah - ya think?

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