Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Where'd my payment go?

DH had a doctor's office visit last summer. His new insurance (that I changed them to last spring) denied it as pre-existing condition. Well, first they denied it because they wanted to know if there was other coverage. Once that was cleared up, then they denied it as a pre-existing condition. In the past, when I had changed insurance companies, all you had to do was provide proof of your continuous prior coverage and they would waive the pre-existing. So, I thought that's what would take care of it this time, but no, now they say since the previous plan was a "catastrophic plan" (that's all I've ever had them on) they will not waive it. Ok, so I owe the $95 doctor bill. I paid 1/2 of it online 2 weeks ago. I get a bill in the mail yesterday that I still owe the $95.  I called and told her I made an online payment of $50 and it came out of my bank account right then and she say's well sometimes it takes a few days to get on your account. Two weeks? She still didn't act like she was worried about it and then I said - maybe it went to my account? Sure enough- there was a credit sitting on my account. I asked her how that happens when I was logged into HIS account to pay HIS bill?  Well, at least it's fixed now and I'll pay the balance when I get paid on Friday.

DH is due for his 6 month medication check/re-fill appointment the last week of December, but I'm going to schedule it for January and since I'd have to pay for the visit either way (current plan due to pre-existing and the new Obamacare plan will be high deductible) I'd rather have it go towards next years deductible and be able to claim it as part of my FSA. I still haven't signed DH and the kids up for a new plan yet.  One reason is I was waiting for the mess of it all to get fixed so I actually could sign up and another reason was I'm still waiting to find out what is going to be DS's status. He is STILL waiting on his work visa! He finally got to talk with someone who at least was able to tell him that Canada has approved his application, but apparently they send it on to the U.S for now that's the hold up and who knows how long that will take. It's been 3 months now. Ridiculous. I'll just put DS on the insurance plan for now and can cancel him if he ever does get to start work.

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