Friday, November 22, 2013

Just another Friday

I've been trying to make up a grocery list that comes up to $150, so I can get a free turkey. Most weeks I spend about $100 at this store, with other things bought at Target or Walmart.  It's been hard making sure I have enough on my list for $150. I've been writing prices that I know next to it, or my closest estimate of what it will be. As of right now I still need about $11. I just don't want to add something on there, and pay more than I normally would, that would kind of defeat the purpose of getting the free turkey.

I'm also working on a shopping list to take advantage of the $10 off $50 food purchase at Target. Unlike the grocery store you can apply the $10 off before coupons are taken off and I have lots of coupons to use, so I'll probably end up spending about $25 for $50 worth of food. The coupon expires tomorrow, so I plan to get over there tomorrow morning.

This morning I went and had my annual mammogram done. Appointment at 8 am (I almost forgot this morning that I needed to get up early and get to it!) - back in my car at 8:09 am. Quick and easy.

DD went over to my mom's and helped her get her Christmas lights and decorations down from her storage in her garage. She sent home a couple more lighted displays, a Santa and some bells. She's been putting less and less up each year, as she gets older and it's so much work. For years her little place was lit up everywhere, and then some, on the outside. It was very festive. But, now she tries to whittle her collection down a little and passes it on to me.

Three weeks and one day until DS gets home. He said he's just going to try to have a friend pick him up at the aiport and drop him off here and then just walk in the house and be like "hey Dad...." LOL

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