Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Missing payment

A year or two ago our garbage service updated their website bill paying program. We are billed every 2 months and I get the billing via email and then the due date isn't for almost 2 months. So, as soon as I get the bill I go online and set it up for a scheduled payment on the due date. Usually a day or two before it's due I go back online to make sure I did indeed set it up for payment. Twice now, since they have implemented this new billing payment program, I have scheduled a payment and then when the due date comes my payment is not done and the next day it's showing as unpaid/late.

I went online 10/30, the day before the due date and verified it was still scheduled for the next day (pay day and due date) and it was. Today I noticed it hadn't come out of my checking account so I went back online and nothing was there. Frustrating! I paid it right away and sent an email saying that this is now the 2nd time this has happened to me and to please adjust off any late fee.  I guess I just need to go online and set it up as a recurring payment. I don't know why, but I have always preferred to set the payments up myself when they are due, not have it come out automatically.  I guess it goes back to the days when I might actually have to pay it a few days late, because DH's self employment income didn't come in when expected, so the money might not be in the account to cover it.

But, we don't have that money issue anymore and since my garbage bill is the same exact amount every 2 months, I guess I'll just automate it and hope that helps solve the problem of the occasional mystery of the disappearing scheduled payment.


  1. well, now I remember why I didn't end up setting this up as a recurring payment the last time this happened. It's due the last day of the month, which is also my payday. To set it up for recurring I would have to have it come out 3 days before due date/payday, and I didn't want to have it come out of the 15th paycheck. I think I'll just start going online on payday and paying it that day, instead of scheduling it for a future date.

  2. Why don't you set it up using bill pay through your bank? That way you control it and it will get paid when you want it.

    1. Bill pay through my bank bugs me too - haha! If I set it up so that the garbage company gets the bill on the due date, I have to pay it several days prior, too, which then puts me in the prior pay period. My house payment comes out of the mid month pay check and I don't want any other bills coming out of that one, if I can help it. If I just go online with the garbage company website each month I can actually pay it on the due date itself, not 3 days early. I guess I will just start doing that instead of trying to schedule it ahead of time to pay on the due date/payday. It's not that big of deal, just trying to automate when I can. No more assuming their scheduled payments should work as they say they should.