Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Home sweet home

I got DS's plane ticket paid for yesterday morning. I'm so excited that we'll get to see him for a couple of weeks and I'm also happy because 1) it's paid for in cash, not charged (not that I could anyway) and 2) that I had enough money in savings that I didn't actually have to wait until I get my work bonus to buy the ticket. Then the price probably would have been higher, if I had had to wait longer. Not being in debt and having a savings can save money because I could take advantage of a lower price now. The airlines does offer a price guarantee so if I do see it go lower, I guess they will credit. So, I'll watch every day, just in case it goes lower. It's taking everything I have NOT to tell DH and DD that he is coming home for Christmas!

Tonight DH and I went and took a gun safety class and then a friend who is really into guns met us there and we tried shooting several different ones. What a strange experience! I have never shot a gun before (except for a bb gun) and a semi automatic handgun is loud and scary. Towards the end I was feeling a little less nervous about it. I was too much of a weeny for the last gun we tried though. I'm petite and very tiny and just didn't have enough of a strong grip so it would jam on the second shot. Most likely though, we'll end up getting a shotgun for our home defense.

That's all that's going on this week so far.  My blog was acting weird yesterday, but it seems back to normal now.

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  1. LOL I would be dieing holding a secret like that! They will def be so surprised :)