Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday update

I feel like all I have been doing lately is sitting in traffic! I had to work at the office on Friday. I was going to leave at 3pm (my normal time I leave when I am in the office) but my boss came over to me at 2:15 and said I could leave, because everyone else was going to be told they could leave at 3:30 (nice bosses!). I was all excited thinking I was getting out of the city early and would be home before 3:30. Um no..didn't get home until 4:05. Today's drive home took me an hour and 35 minutes. Ugh.  Thank goodness for my books on CD to listen to.

The weekend was ok.  DD spent time with friends. Some new ones from work on Friday night and an old friend on Saturday night. DH woke up on the wrong side of the bed Saturday and complained about everything under the sun for the 11 hours I was him until I went to bed! At least he didn't get up until 11am. Then Sunday.......I think I made a mistake on his medication Sunday morning! His pill box goes through Saturday and then I usually fill it up for the week sometime Sunday. So, I always wake him up to take his 8am pills (he usually goes to bed like 3am or whenever and gets up around 10 or so) and he goes back to sleep.  He takes 4 different medications in the morning and I was getting them out of the bottles and remembered his cholesterol bottle was on my desk because I had ordered a refill on it the day before and left it on my desk. Also on my desk was an old bottle of my flexeril muscle relaxer. I had put it in my purse when I went to the dr to remind myself to ask her for a refill and took it out and left on my desk. I went over to my desk to grab his cholesterol bottle and I have a feeling I grabbed the muscle relaxer and gave him one of those instead of his cholesterol! A couple hours later when I went to fill up his whole weeks worth I realized the cholesterol wasn't w/all the was still on my desk...and the flexeril was with his pills on the counter! The pills even look kind of similar. I don't even keep our pills together. Mine are in the bathroom and his are in the kitchen. He slept around 11:30, which isn't all that unusual.  Then he was only up for about 45 minutes and went and fell asleep on the couch - until 4pm! By then I was pretty sure I had accidentally given him the wrong pill. He woke up and said he just slept the best he has had in years! I still never told him what I think I did. Even though it was a one time fluke thing, he'd ask me every single time if his pills were right.  I don't feel like spending the next 20 years going through that!

I emailed DS this morning and asked him if he'd like to come home for Christmas for a couple of weeks and I'd buy him a plane ticket. He was excited for the news and I'm going to book the flights tomorrow morning. It will cost $436, but worth it to me! He was in Australia last Christmas and we don't want to miss him again 2nd year in a row.  He and I are going to do our best to make this a surprise for DH and DD! He'll be home about 16 days. He still hasn't been able to get his work visa. He checked again on it today and finally at least got more info on what is the hold up - it's the U.S.! Figures. I didn't realize the U.S. also had to approve it and the Canadian immigration person told him it was approved on their end, and the U.S. is being super slow getting the applications back to them.  What you do want to bet as soon as I book the plane ticket (figured me might as well come home awhile if he's not working yet) that his visa will come through and he'll need to start his job? I figured I ended up saving probably at least $250 by getting my new glasses at Costco from what I originally budgeted, so that and a little of my upcoming bonus can buy the plane ticket.

He'll fly in on a Sunday evening and so far the only plan I can come up with to keep it a surprise and leave the house at that time for a couple of hours is to get DD to go to a movie with me. Then we'll just keep on driving to the airport. She'll figure it out as we get there, LOL, and DH will be surprised when we show back up from our "movie" with DS! I can't wait.

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