Friday, November 1, 2013

Payday Payoff

Today I finally made my last payment to pay off the MRI DH had last year (that went to deductible). It was almost $1000 in total. It felt so good to call and make that last payment! When I originally called to ask if I could set up a payment plan I had $75/mo as my request. She set me up at $25/mo with no interest ("just in case you have month's where you can't pay $75"). Most months I stuck to my $75 payment. Once I think I paid $50 and then the next month paid $100.  So, now I have an extra $75 in the budget to put towards our soon to be increased health insurance (I'm not even going to go there again, on how mad I am about that........)

I called Comcast the other day to see about getting our bill cut back down after they upped it $20/mo. I got it lowered for another year.......but I had to agree to a 2 year contract. I really don't like committing to contracts, but we have been with Comcast at least 4 years now for our phone/tv/internet and I see no reason we would change. Certainly not back to that slower internet the phone company provides. I like Comcast for our tv and we are all happy with it and enjoy the "on demand" feature. So, I said ok. I do have 30 days to change my mind.

I am still in hope that I might get a company bonus at the end of next month. Sales have been just short a few months during this half of the year, but we made it over our goal this month. If we can make it the next 2 months I will get a bonus of $3630 at the end of the year or first of January. As we are all celebrating the email news that we made our sales goal for October, my boss emails me that while we got the orders pushed through, there are hardly any future orders on the books waiting for release. That is not good. That means that we won't be having many sales in the coming 6 months. I wonder if the owners are going to give out Christmas bonus's this year -  They have the last 3-4 years and I just realized yesterday that the nice Christmas bonus ($1500 net) started after they stopped our bonus program in I would doubt they will be giving us a Christmas bonus, if we are getting the regular sales bonus. Would be nice to have both though!  The owners had also told us last year that if we made our goal and received our 10% bonus for this year that they will up the bonus to 20% next year (back to what it used to be before economy crash). I could use an extra $1200 a month!! haha!

This is also my DD's birthday month. I have gotten her 2 gifts. A Carhartt jacket. I paid for it through Bill Me Later. I have received the jacket and just went back into my Bill Me Later account so I could write in my budget for next month how much I owe for it ($40-ish was sticking in my mind) and it is still shows it as a "pending" transaction, but for $56.71!! What?! My email from the company I ordered it from confirming my order was $42.08. I now have an email into their customer service asking what is going on.

I also got her a nice ring that was $30 and some chocolates for $6. I'm going to give her an additional $25 cash and we are going to go to the bingo area of the casino, where 18 year olds can get in, and they also have some new type of bingo/slots that 18 year olds can do. Grandma is going with us and we'll have lunch (most likely grandma will buy lunch). So, I'll be into her gifts for a little over $100.


  1. Good job on the presents front. My DD's bday is mid Dec. She'll be 21 this year and she's getting 1 small gift and a check.

  2. Comcast is indeed the better choice, at least around these areas. They can be frustrating to deal with, but it is the lesser of several evils. Hope you can get that bill for the jacket adjusted properly. Gotta hate when stuff like that happens.

  3. It's nice to read about your financial progress. Every little bit most definitely helps the overall picture. We have many birthdays in December over here .....