Sunday, November 10, 2013

A shopping weekend

Spent the weekend shopping with DD. She wanted to spend a little bit of all the money she has been saving! Saturday morning we went out to breakfast that cost me a whopping $8 plus tip. DD had a coupon for a free breakfast when one is purchased, plus she got her 20% employee discount and our server didn't charge us for our drinks (perks of being a friend/employee, I guess). I ended up tipping her almost as much as the whole bill was - haha! I always tip on what the bill would have been, if we had had to pay full price. Then we went to Kohl's to look around. DD found a cute little wall plaque on clearance with piano keys on it, so she got that for her piano playing best friend as a gift. It was regularly $22, on clearance for $4.39, plus we had a 30% off coupon.  Then she decided to look for some nice earrings for herself. What a deal on those! Pretty, small hoops with diamonds. They were regular priced at $275, on sale for $96.25. She had $10 Kohl's cash to apply towards it, plus another 30% off (she put it in my Kohl's card to get the 30% off and then paid me back). Total price on the earrings: $60.35 and they are so pretty - I want to borrow them! Oh, and she got another $10 in Kohl's cash back.

Then yesterday afternoon a friend asked her to go shopping, so she got some jeans and a sweatshirt.  Today, we went out to a bigger mall in the next city from us. First we stopped at Harbor Freight Tools, since it was out in the same general area and picked up a couple of things DH wanted from there.  The only thing I wanted to buy today was a covered cake plate. I've always wanted one. I have a tupperware cake plate/cover but it is not tall enough so the lid always gets into the frosting. The Harbor Freight was right next door to a Goodwill store so we stopped in hoping to find a cake stand with cover. No luck. Then we looked at Penney's at the mall....they had one...on clearance for $60 - regularly $150! For a cake stand!! Are you freaking kidding me?! Even $60 was way more than I was willing to pay. Then we went to Macy's and they had one on sale for $25, but I was still not sure I wanted to pay that much for something I wouldn't use too often. We left to go have lunch (our annual or sometimes every other year treat when we go to this mall) at the Bistro inside Nordstrom. Pricey ($26 for the 2 of us and I didn't even have a beverage). DD looked online using her phone to see what Target and Walmart sell the cake stands w/lids for. Both were $40, so I decided to get the one at Macy's. I put it on my Macy's card and got another 15% off, so I am happy with a nice glass cake stand w/dome lid for $21.  DD found 2 sweaters and another pair of jeans at JC Penney and another cardigan type sweater at Nordstrom and we were done for the day. I came home and took a nap with the dogs.

Dinner is in the oven, a little later than normal. DH went with our neighbor. He was buying something off Craigslist and was to meet up with the guy, so DH offered to go with him so he wasn't doing it alone and after dark. Hopefully, I've timed dinner for about when they get back. It should take them about a half hour each way.

I have tomorrow off work, so DD and I are going to go with my mom to a casino where DD can play bingo, now that she's an "old" 18 year old now. Should be a fun morning and we'll have lunch too.


  1. I have got to figure out how to work Kohl's. I hear everybody getting these great deals, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how it works. Do you use the store credit card or something?

    1. Jennifer - yes I had to use my Kohl's charge card to get the 30% savings. Kohl's will mail out ads regularly, many times with a peel off thing to show how much extra you can get discounted. So, I always try to wait and buy whatever I am needing when I get one of those 30% off deals. Luckily this time DD had eanred $5 in Kohl's rewards from their rewards card (I think you get a point for every dollar spent and 100 points = $5). Then, with this last ad with the 30% off there was also a $5 off coupon. You can combine Kohl's cash or rewards with % off coupons to stack and make for an even better deal....expecially when something is on sale, too.