Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Just trying to get little things crossed off my list today......of course the one's involving me picking up the phone and actually talking to someone keep getting moved to the bottom of the list!

1 - emailed DH's doctor to refill 2 prescriptions. Since they say to allow up to 3 days to process, I made sure I counted his pills left and got this done on time...hopefully! 

2 - printed out my Target e-gift cards info so that DD can try to figure out how to put these on her smart phone so I can use them in-store. I ordered them from Swagbucks and didn't realize they would be e-gift cards and they either have to be used online or from a smartphone. DD has not had any luck getting Target mobile coupons to work on her phone, so I'm a little nervous the gift cards won't work, either....but I've had these 2 gift cards on my swagbucks account for about a month now and keep forgetting about them! I have these 2 $5 gift cards, a regular $5 gift card and a $5 off $50 coupon, so I'd like to get them all used on a shopping trip.

3 - clean bird cage.  I asked DD to do it yesterday, since she didn't have to work and didn't have a class until evening, but she didn't do it......

4 - call Progressive and find out why DD's snapshot device isn't working/recording anymore. I got an email about it and we tried to reset it twice, but it's still not working, so I need to call. And I need to do it when she is home, as they'll probably have me try something with her device while we are on the phone.  I keep putting it off......

5 - still need to go get my new tennis shoes! We got sidetracked on Sunday afternoon, because DD's "check engine" light came on and DH was trying to figure that out (it's apparently the gas cap not sealing all the way) and then Monday night we got sidetracked with DH deciding to move his desk from one side our the room to the other - it's a huge 3 piece executive desk and turned into a 4 hour project (only with DH!).  Last night I didn't feel well (dizzy and off-balance) so I didn't go anywhere....maybe this evening I'll finally get there.

6 - I need to call my mom and say hi...but she beat me to it, so that's done :-)

I know there are a few more things I need to do but my brain just can't remember them right now! 

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