Saturday, September 14, 2013

A note of sincere appreciation (or I give up!)

Dear President Obama,
  Thanks so so much for your "Affordable Health Care Act", also known as "Obamacare". It's really going to be such a benefit to myself and my family, in terms of coverage and cost. I'll just love paying 258% more for my monthly health insurance premiums.  This is so helpful, as of course I would rather pay $700 a month for basically the same coverage as I had, compared to the $271 per month plan I have been paying for my husband and 2 children. That extra $429 per month is no problem - we'll just not eat anymore. Hubby and I need to diet anyway. Or let's see, I'm sure there are other things we could do without. Hey, I know - we can just shut off our electricity and stop our garbage and water service - that way we'd at least be able to eat mac & cheese while we freeze, sit in the dark and watch garbage pile up. Oh wait - without electricity I can't make mac & cheese. I suppose we could sell our house and find something cheaper than the fancy 20+ year old manufactured home we currently live in, but guess what? We are also underwater with our mortgage, so that plan won't work.  I suppose we could just let it foreclose and add even more problems to the country's financial situation. Maybe we could just borrow the money every month, like the government does. Do you have some to spare? I only have a black and white printer, so I don't think printing money is an option for me.

Sincerely yours
    One Family One Income

I can only hope and pray that when my state's insurance exchange website has all the info on it to purchase insurance through that (Oct 1st) it will be cheaper and hopefully qualify for some tax break.


  1. I'm really concerned where this country is going.

  2. That's the plan .. to make private insurance so expensive that you HAVE to sign up for Obamacare.

    Our's is going from $1,100/mo to 1,500/mo for private insurance.

  3. Our insurance is going from $550 to $1250 for just 2 adults. My husband requires an expensive biweekly injection that costs $3000 without insurance, so I literally have no choice. I have been told when the new state/federal plans do roll out, those that are on the cheaper side will have high deductibles. I have written senators, congressmen, everyone you can think of to no avail.

  4. I guess it all goes back to whom we elect. The Republicans have tried overturning the bill several times but have always been blocked. Obamacare definitely has some good things about it but everything comes at a cost. The unfortunate thing is that we're paying for it, not the people who passed the bill.

  5. I think alot of us will be hit hard. Every year our premiums are going up and I am required to sign off on more agreements or pay even more. Scary times :(

  6. Yep. The exact reason I didn't vote for him. For this very reason. Our insurance has already doubled through my husband's work and I've spent nearly $7,000 out of pocket since January. I can only imagine what it is going to be like after Oct. 1st. Good grief.

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