Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A slow start yesterday

My day didn't start out very well yesterday. With DS moved out and a lot of his race car stuff gone with him, I actually get to park inside the garage! I'm not holding my breath it will last very long. Last time (it was probably the only time, haha) I got to park in there it lasted a week, before the guys filled it back up with their guy stuff.  I know when the weather gets bad I will really like having a nice warm dry car that I don't have to go out and unfreeze in the mornings.

We have a detached 3 car wide garage with 2 bay doors and a side door. The third car area is a work area type room. I can't access my car through the side door, because DH's big old pick up is in the spot closest to that side. It's the only way he could still get all the stuff to fit. He's very organized but it's all packed in there like sardines and not enough room to squeeze by to get to my car. So, I have to keep the garage door opener in my purse and access my car by opening the bay door, rather than hooked up on my visor. Well, as I'm walking out to go to work yesterday morning I suddenly wasn't feeling well in the stomach area. I got to my car and decided I'd better go back in the house for a bit and as I was juggling my keys, door opener, bag and purse I dropped the garage door opener onto the concrete floor.  Once I was well enough to get back in my car and finally leave for work I tried to shut the garage door after I pulled out. Nothing. Didn't work. I tried a bunch of times and crap - I must have broken it when I dropped it! GRRR!

I was already late by then, but I had to shut my car off to get my keys as the side garage door key is on my key ring and then go inside the garage that way and push the button to close the bay door. I was grumpy all day because DH would just throw a fit because it got broken, so as I'm pulling up to the garage when I got home (he already had the doors open) I stopped and didn't go all the way inside. He was there waiting to say hi/how was your day and I just handed him the door opener and said I dropped it and it doesn't work now.  He clicked on it and the door shut! LOL.  Guess I was all worried for nothing.

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