Friday, September 27, 2013

Finally Friday

So glad it's finally Friday. Payday is Monday, but since we have direct deposit it will show up in my account tomorrow morning.  Good thing, as I am down to nothing (not counting my EF fund) and need to go grocery shopping for the week.  I did finally get my new tennis shoes....still on sale for $29.99 (reg. $39.99) and another 15% off with coupon.  They seem pretty comfortable and will work for what I need.

I was sitting here waiting for an email from DH's doctor's office about refilling one of his pain meds....I emailed the request for refill first thing on Wednesday morning...thinking I would be notified by now that I could pick up the prescription today (it's for a narcotic, so doc can't fax in the prescription to pharmacy), as DH runs out mid weekend and the docs office isn't open on weekends to pick up a prescription. So, first thing this morning I see an email from the docs office - oh good, it's the notice I can pick it's just a notice saying he needs to come in for a, no..he was just in to see the doc on July 1st and doc said he didn't need to come back for 6 months. So, I decide to give it until 9am before I call and at 8:55 another email from doc's office pops up. Ok, this must be's a notice that they sent a refill in to the pharmacy on the OTHER med he needed refilled....good grief! Finally I called and then the nurse wouldn't talk to me because we apparently had never filled out the form authorizing them to give out his info to me. So, I had to wake DH up and hand him the phone so the nurse could tell him, yes the prescription is ready. I was able to find the form on their website, so I've filled it out and had DH sign it and will take it in with me this afternoon when I pick up the prescription. Hopefully that will take care of that issue - the won't even talk to me about his insurance/billing. I told the lady he doesn't even know what insurance plan he has!

Yay, it's Friday and the weekend is almost here, but on the other hand, spending the weekend with DH is getting very draining. He's running out of projects, since he can't be outside in the cold/rain and driving DD and myself nuts. He's all over the place with his moods (nothing new) and when he can't find something to focus on and keep him busy he is just a big old annoyance. Sigh....He does projects that most people would take 2-3 days to finish up - but he has to do it all in one day, once he starts something, so then the next day we are back to trying to find him something else to do. He made a permanent "home" for the barn cats up in the rafters of the woodshed and since he actually didn't start the project until Tues evening, he at least had something to do Wednesday, too. Yesterday we had a day of sun and dry, so he did get the lawn mowed (new "used" mower is working great). Today is back to rain and no projects figured out, so.... crap!  Monday he rearranged half of our family room/office - so that was a 5 hour project (why it took that long I have no idea, but it kept him busy all evening). I like that he wants to keep busy when he feels well enough, but geez - some days just relax! He does not know the meaning of the word relax and with his condition, he really needs to learn it.

No news yet on DS and his work visa - it was supposed to take up to 4 weeks to process and as of today it's been 4 weeks. When I ask him if he's heard anything on it he just keeps telling me "not for 4 weeks". Knowing he couldn't do any work in the country for at least that long, I wished he would have at least stayed home another week or two and earned some side job money and helped DH with some things around here. Hopefully this will all be resolved in the next week or so and he can get started with his new job. I am getting so tired of always waiting for him to finally get started with a job/career! He's 22 soon and he's been out of school (2 year degree) now for 15 months and he just keeps delaying and delaying getting himself at least somewhat self-sufficient. First it was just trying to find a decent job...then it was the 6 week trip to Australia that ended up being 4 months long, then the 2 months at home interviewing with BIG computer company, that got nowhere, and then a 2 month stay in Canada, that has now turned permanent (if/when  he can get the work visa approved). It's just feels like this is never going to happen!  I want him on his work health insurance before I have to sign DH and DD up on the wonderful new Obamacare plan. I don't want to have to pay another $200/mo for him.

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  1. Will he have work health insurance being that he's working in Canada?