Monday, September 2, 2013

I wanted to relax today

Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Labor Day! Here? Not so much. We are trying to have a relaxing day, sitting out in our nicely landscaped yard, enjoying each other's company.  DS has a friend and his dog visiting. But kitty corner across the street from our neighbors is land clearing going on to put in a housing development. 3 excavators going on a holiday! It's noisy and not relaxing at all. I get that we have to listen to it 6 days a week, starting at 7am, but we don't want to listen to it on a holiday.

DH has a talked to a couple of people on the phone about it - just people taking messages for the companies involved.  When DH went over to the work site - even the guys working said they didn't want to be working on this holiday (LABOR day, for goodness sake!), but were told they had to.  Of course those in charge have the day off - probably at backyard bbq's, enjoying the day. Freaking greedy people.

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