Sunday, July 21, 2013

Weekend update

It's been a nice weekend.  We have been having almost a month of beautiful 75-85 degree weather every day. The concert Friday night was so much fun with DD and 2 of her friends. We had dinner before hand at Red Robin (my treat). Such sweet girls. But, I REALLY did not like the 2 hour drive home at 11:30 at night. Ugh. My eyes just don't like night driving that well. I was going to stop at a rest stop about half way home and have DD drive but she was asleep and by then the freeway was more lighted so made it easier on me and then I was ok for the rest of the drive.  They got up early Saturday morning (with about 6 hours sleep) and another mom picked them up for their day in the city. They were very frugal and packed lunches with bottled water before they left, so they wouldn't have to buy lunch at the zoo. After the zoo they went into the city and did some walking around and sight seeing and her friends mom treated them to dinner.  DD bought me a cute little painted mountain scenery picture at the market they were at.

I went over to my mom's yesterday afternoon. She had invited my grandma's caregiver to stop by too, as she had set up this cute little oak table my grandma had for years and years with flowers, pictures of my grandma and other small memento's. We had some snacks and visited for awhile. Her caregiver finally got licensed (just days before grandma passed) so is now trying to fill her home with some clients. She has done up a very nice professional little flyer about her adult home with nice pictures. I'm sure she won't have any trouble finding some elderly to care for. She decorates her home with a very comfortable, homey feel to it.

My aunt and cousin had also stopped by my mom's earlier in the day. They live about 8 hours away and had come up this way for a wedding over the weekend. As usual, they were an hour and a half late from when they told my mom they'd be there. My mom had originally wanted to plan a get together with them to remember grandma, but I said no thanks - they are always 2-4 hours late to every family thing we have ever planned with them over the years and I have no desire to waste my time waiting on them.  Apparently it will be 4-6 weeks (really?!) before the plaque is engraved for my grandma's urn, so it can't be placed in the niche until then.

I bbq'd steaks last night and was so nervous I'd either under or over cook them! They turned out perfect! Yay me :)  Tonight we are doing hamburgers again.  Later this afternoon, after DD gets home from work, we are going to the home improvement store for a few things. A soaker hose, a garden tank sprayer and some mulch. DH had wanted to know what the dark "stuff" my mom uses in her garden/flower beds was and she finally remembered what exactly it was: Scotts Black Naturescapes Mulch, so that's what I need to get.  DH is tired of the red rock we have everywhere, so he had cleaned our one small area last week.


  1. We used black mulch once. Beautiful when it is new, but ours faded terribly and turned sickly gray. So now we use shredded brown mulch.

    Hope you have better luck.

    1. Mysti - guess we'll have to wait and see how it turns out. My mom hasn't had hers down too long either, so I'm not sure how it will last. The bag says a year, I think.