Monday, July 8, 2013

Vacation over

It was back to work today after having last week off. It actually felt like I had a week off, so that was nice. I think it relaxed me so much I can't get back in the groove to blog! Mostly did lots of yard work. So, here's the quick highlights of life in my corner:

DS won a race up in Canada over the weekend! He's thrilled, his car owners and their sponsors are thrilled. He's won races in 3 countries (in different kinds of cars) now - pretty cool.

Grandma is still hanging in there. Sleeping a LOT, but still eating enough to sustain herself. I really think she had a small stroke week before last from the way she is having trouble speaking. Hospice was supposed to come today to evaluate her, but I haven't heard from my mom yet on what she found out.  At least she is still not in any pain.

I gave my notice to the company ex-owner today to discontinue doing the small bookkeeping job for the other company he owns. I felt bad and kind of nervous about it, even though it's really what I want. I sent him an email about it and he was very gracious about it, so that made me feel a little better. Though from what little my boss can tell me he is definitely not being gracious about being booted out of the main company (and who can blame him, I guess). And my boss said again that they will adjust my salary to make up for the lost income by quitting the side bookkeeping job, so that is great.

We gave up on the 20 aborvitae/thuja trees we planted last fall out in the front of our property. Most of them died and I'm tired of spending money trying to save them with various expensive fertilizers and miticide, so when I was at Lowe's Saturday picking up some grass seed I saw they had some established ones (small, but way bigger than our little saplings) for $5 each, so for $100 we just decided to plant all new ones. Hopefully these one's are big enough that they are stronger and will live. All the saplings we planted down the side of our property are still doing fine, so we don't know what happened to the front ones. Every expert we talk to has a different answer, of course.

That's all I know for now


  1. Congrats to DS! And, I'm having post-vacation-itus myself. ;-) Luckily, I get quite a bit of vacation, & use most of it in the summer, so I still have three more vacation days coming up this month. Yes! :-)

    1. I still have lots of vacation to use too - like almost 3 weeks! Guess I'd better get looking at the calendar and schedule some more time off :)

  2. Congrats to to dead trees.