Friday, July 19, 2013

An evening out

DD and I (and 2 of her friends) are going to a concert tonight. She bought the tickets months ago and since the girls are only 17, and it's quite a drive and a late night drive home, I offered to go with them, as I figured none of the other parents would want the 3 of them to go alone either (which I was right). DD paid for my ticket (Miss Moneybags, LOL) and I'll drive my car and pay for the gas and treat them to dinner before the show. Surprisingly, the venue does not charge for parking. It's an outdoor amphitheater and the weather is awesome right now.

We are leaving fairly early to try and miss some of the rush hour city traffic and have time to stop at a Red Robin for dinner. I'm going to be so tired tomorrow - it's rare I ever stay up past 10pm! The girls are just going to stay overnight at our house when we get home.  Then tomorrow one of the other mom's is taking them into the city so they can go to the zoo, while she visits her other daughter who lives in the city. This mom didn't want them driving into the city by themselves, so I'm glad she is going to drive them.

DH gets to stay home by himself with the dogs and follow along with text messages on how DS is doing at his race tonight. The car owner surprised DS by flying his girlfriend up there for the weekend! Must be nice to have that kind of money :-)  I'm so grateful he has hooked up with someone who sees his talent and what a great person he is. Now he just needs to have some good luck this weekend and bring home another win!

It sure has been an up and down thing, as racing always is. He won that race 2 weekends ago, then they drove down to the states and raced a mid week race and his brakes weren't working, so he didn't finish as well as hoped. Then over the weekend when they were servicing the engine, it was determined that our engine is done for this cycle. The engines can run 18-22 or so nights and then have to be refreshened (at a cost of $7,000!). We had 18 nights on it and hoped to get the 4 nights on it he still wanted to race this summer, but after seeing the oil condition it was decided that the motor is done until we can send it back to the engine builder for a freshen up (which won't be until DS can find a job and pay for it!). The guy he is racing for said no worries...he'll just rent a motor from someone for this weekend. It took them a few days, but they finally found one to rent and even got a practice day in with it mid week. The engine guy was there and was so impressed with DS's driving and said if he does well this weekend, they will let him use it next weekend at no charge! Little by little, things are starting to go DS's way with this racing and I am happy for him.

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