Thursday, July 18, 2013

Insurance discount

Now that Progressive Insurance's "Snapshot" program is available in my state, I finally got it ordered! I just kept putting it off (because I hate making phone calls!) and then when I really did have to call Progressive a few weeks ago, to add Roadside Assistance to the vehicle DS was taking to Canada, I totally forgot to ask them about the Snapshot program.  But, I was just online and in 2 clicks of my mouse I got all the cars, except the one DS has, signed up. I'll have to wait until he gets back to add that one. For 2 of our cars, it should definitely help out a little, they are hardly ever driven much. Though I have the lowest coverage on them, it still might help out some. DS drives the one car when he is home, but not that often and the SUV that hauls the trailer rarely gets driven.  I am really hoping it helps out with my car and DD's car. I only drive to work 3 days a week, plus I don't drive during rush hour, so that should help, too. I'm always very careful to brake and accelerate.  DD drives a mile to work a couple days a week and to school and these are the cars I have full coverage on. Hopefully it will make her more conscious of how she drives - she likes to use the brake a lot, rather than letting of the gas early, when she knows she's going to have to stop.  It will be interesting to see if I can lower my rates!

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  1. Please let us know how this goes! I'm definitely interested.