Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday this and that

I can't believe how fast this week has gone by and it's Friday already. As of next Friday I won't have to do my small side job any longer - other than a few stray questions on procedure here and there I'm sure will come up. I can tell my boss is benefiting from the management change at work. She was actually able to take off at 2 o'clock yesterday to go spend some time with visiting family. Usually she's not out of the office until 6 most days. She has made joking comments in the past that the (ex) owner used to think the day started at 5pm - just as she was wrapping up to try and leave for home (after she'd already been there since 7am) it seemed he'd suddenly want to start working on things, and of course he wanted them done right then.

Then I got sad news on my other side job - the CPA the company uses passed away over the weekend. I had never met him in person, but talked to him several times on the phone over the past few years. I had just emailed his office the other day asking about the quarterly tax deposit coming up due (today) and was wondering why I had not heard back.

No big weekend plans around here. I need to get some housework done and especially straighten up my desk area - it's being over run by piles of paperwork again!

It's an "off" weekend for DS racing, so that will make for a more relaxed weekend, LOL. It's stressful to sit and wait to hear updates when he is racing! DH got a super nice email from the guy DS is staying with. They want to "adopt" him (just like the Aussie family did). He said a lot of nice things about DS, how he has never met a 21 year old who is so mature and focused. He also said he's waited a long time to be able to do something like this with a race car program and is having the time of his life with it all. It's kind of strange how we met this guy. DH was helping to sell off race car things of his best friend, who died from cancer. He sold the trailer to this guy and in talking when he came to pick it up, his brother had recently died of the exact same cancer and had left him some money he wanted him to use on getting racing again. Now DS is racing for this guy and in the trailer that used to belong to our best friend, so it's like he's still there, racing with DS, in a way :-) I don't think there was but maybe a race or two, over the years, that our best friend missed being at for DS.

My grandma is doing a bit worse in last couple of days. She's not talking at all now and was moaning a little every so often so the hospice decided to start her on some morphine, since they have to assume she might be in some pain. I'm sure she'll just be sleeping pretty much all the time from now on (and then won't be able to eat), so it's looking like she won't last too much longer. Poor thing, but at least she is not in a hospital.

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  1. Well, that's kind of neat about your son and the connection with your DH's friend's equipment. It's a very small world.

    I'm sorry to hear about your Grandma.