Friday, July 19, 2013

Order mix-up

I ordered this guy the other day...........

But when he got delivered yesterday he was this guy..........

And while he's very cute, he just doesn't look like our our black dog, like the one I ordered, does.  So, I have emails into the company I ordered from (sounds like she drop ships from another company) and I guess I will be sending this guy back for the guy I wanted.  Hopefully, it won't be a big hassle.


  1. How frustrating!
    Since it's basically the same dog in shape and type, why don't you just spray paint it black?

    Would a can of spray paint be cheaper than paying(and the hassle)to ship him back?

    Just a thought.

    1. Well, they better pay to ship it back since it was their error, but if they won't I'll just keep it. I have a feeling if I tried to spray paint it it would end up looking terrible. The correct one has some shading to it.