Monday, June 3, 2013

He did it again!

DH ate leftovers again! Saturday night I made the pizza we all LOVE and there were 2 pieces leftover. Last night's dinner was spaghetti, which DH will eat if has to, but he really doesn't like it much at all. Before dinner DD and I were at the store picking up a few things and we tried to call him to see if he wanted us to swing thru Burger King and pick him up dinner. He was outside and didn't hear the phone, so we just decided he could eat spaghetti :-)

I told him there was still a couple slices of pizza left if he wanted that with some french bread instead of the spaghetti. So that's what he did! Granted, I still had to make spaghetti, but at least the leftover pizza got eaten up and I didn't spend $7 on take out for him. A little progress in the food waste reduction mission :-)

That didn't leave me with the lunch of leftover pizza I was planning on taking with me to work today, but it did leave me with enough leftover spaghetti for 2 days of lunches, so that works too.