Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday update

My paycheck and bonus deposited into my account this morning. That sure feels nice to see that big balance. (though nothing was done about my email regarding the 25% tax rate, so that's what got taken out of everyone's bonus)/ Once DH gets his mitts into spending it, I'm sure it won't last long, but at least it will most likely get spent on home improvements, so I'm okay with that. I know we need some topsoil delivered to plant some more grass where our big deck used to be, a couple of new garden hoses (good one's aren't cheap, I'm finding!), a few more flowers and potting soil to fill up one of the whiskey barrel planters purchased a couple of weeks ago. DH put a strawberry plant in one of them, but the other needs something in it. I might at least get a quote on getting some sod to put down - the idea of an instant lawn sure is appealing! When we were first married we rented a place and the landlord had sod laid in the backyard. I came home from work to an instant backyard,

We haven't discussed what to do with the bonus money. Some will go into savings, but I'd kind of like to get the kitchen floor done with the same wood laminate we used in DD's room last fall. We have some left that could go towards what we need for the kitchen. I'm hoping he hops on board with that plan! It would be so nice to have a decent looking kitchen floor, finally. DD's bedroom cost about $500, so I'm guessing kitchen is roughly same size. We have some boards left, plus the transition pieces in the doorway/room transition areas. We had to buy them in like 6ft sections so there is still plenty of that left to use.

My side job is still up in the air. I guess the whole deal with the ex-owner is going to get messy and involve a lawsuit, so my boss talked with the 2 remaining owners about my side job for ex-owner and the other business and they felt it probably best for me if I didn't get stuck in the middle of any of this and she said they would make up any income lost to me by not having the side job. I sure can't ask for a better place to work and as I walked out of her office it dawned on me I'll get to make the same money, but 3-4 hours less work a month! I can deal with that! Then this morning I finally got an email from ex-owner that he still wants me to do the bookkeeping for the other I forwarded that to my boss so that I can get a final answer on what to do! I told her I was completely fine with whatever she and the company owners want me to do.

DS has heard no job news for over a week - again - even though he was last told they were working again on getting him a position within the company. He has been applying for everything he can find in the vicinity related to IT work. I can't believe that he hasn't at least got one phone interview out of any of the jobs he's applied for! Last year at this time, when he was applying, he was at least getting some phone interviews and in person interviews. Tells me the job market still sucks or apparently is even worse. He's not even getting to race this summer because he doesn't have any money. It's turning into kind of a crappy summer for him.


  1. That's awesome if they work out that deal about your side job. You're truly blessed at that place!

    As for DS, don't let him get discouraged. The economy is slowly making its way up, but it is summer, and you have last year's underemployed and new graduates grabbing onto any and all jobs out there. Good luck to him.

  2. There is fierce competition in ALL fields out there for jobs. Between the new graduates, the graduates from last year who still don't have jobs and all the laid off workers who are still looking for work, it's rough as hell for all. And being in CA I'm sure the insane taxes and Obamacare implementation are keeping business owners from taking on needed new full-time employees.
    He's just got to keep hustling and he'll land something. Looking back he's probably feeling he should have taken that offer you talked about a long time ago, but was sort of lowball on the starting salary. Hindsight is always 20/20 tho.... 8-(

    1. Yes, he has kicked himself for not taking that first job offer, even though the salary was pretty low.