Saturday, January 12, 2013

Steaks, anyone?

I have never been the type to ask people to go out of their way to do something for me or ask for something different than is offered, etc. So, here I am at the grocery store bright and early this morning doing my weekly shopping and I'm in the meat department looking for the value pack of ribeye steaks on sale for $5/lb. We don't eat steak often (maybe every 4-6 weeks) but I figured this was a great price and the value pack be enough for 2 meals. As I'm looking for the steak packs a lady is stocking the meats back up and asks if she could help me find something. I tell her what I am looking for and she shows me where they should be (in a special section, not where all the steaks normally are) but they are out. She goes in the back to ask if there is more and comes back out and tells me the butcher is packaging some up and it will be about 15 more minutes. I finish my shopping and go back to check and had to wait a minute or two more. The nice lady brings the packages back out and they are these super thick, like 3" steaks! I tell her, no thanks, I didn't realize they would be that thick. I know the store usually carries a thin cut, a "normal" cut and a thick cut, but these were ridiculous!. So, the kind lady, who is trying to be so helpful,offers to go back and ask the butcher lady if she could cut some thinner. I say that's ok, I don't want you/her to go to any extra trouble, but she kindly keeps insisting it's no problem. I just want "normal" cut, if that is possible, but I kept saying, "I don't want you/her to go to any extra trouble". She finally convinces me it's no trouble and the butcher will cut me some thinner steaks and that I'll probably end up with more steaks in the pack than the others, since they are thinner and they have to package them at a certain weight. I say that is no problem.

10 minutes later out come some more packages of "thinner" cut steaks. They are still quite a bit thicker than I like, but by now I feel like a total pain in the butt, so I just say, ok thanks, and take the package. Plus there was only 4 steaks in the pack ( was hoping it would end up with like 6), I'd say she cut them maybe a half inch thinner. So, now I have thick steaks at home and they will probably turn out terrible, because I just can never seem to get thick steaks broiled right in our oven.

See why I just like to mind my own business and not ask for substitutions or exceptions? I felt like a pain in the butt AND now I'm mad because I didn't get what I really wanted.


  1. Do you marinate your steaks? That will help... I always cook my steak in my convection/toaster oven and they turn out AMAZING... (I do buy grass fed/organic though, so they're more tender) but you can cook a regular steak nice & tender as well. I'd google steak marinades and try that... I LOVE steak and could eat it every night. lol!!

  2. Okay, no take them back and have them cut them the way you want them. You bought them, you are the customer and the customer is Queen! ;-)